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My Latest Composition: Awakening

Soundcloud-AwakeningHey Friends,

Last week I shared a behind the scenes preview of the process I went through in creating the new piece, “Awakening”.  As promised, I’m happy to share the entire piece now.

We performed this as the open to our Easter celebration services at SSCC.  It was a real pleasure to play the grand piano with the orchestral tracks and the additional live musicians that included live drums, percussion, and horns.

There was an accompanying visual that was shown on our two side screens and center LED screen as well.   Hopefully, we’ll have that available in a week or so. (Our Tech Director is on Spring Break)

Thank you for the encouraging remarks about the music.  It inspires, encourages, and challenges me to make time in my busy schedule to create music again.

Behind the Scenes: Composing “Awakening” for Easter

Hey Gang,

grand-pianoFor the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a new composition entitled “Awakening”.   It’s another instrumental featuring piano with orchestral accompaniment tracks, similar to “The Coronation” that I composed for Christmas a few years ago.

I’ll be performing the entire piece as our “open” this Easter Sunday at SSCC.   David Yarborough and Travis Paulding have helped create a script with stunning visuals to accompany the live performance on our LED and side screens.  The performance will include grand piano, the recorded orchestral tracks, and live horns and percussion.

A few friends and co-workers who watched this piece come to life encouraged me to post a little “behind the scenes” peak at how this was created.  I think that most of my musician friends can appreciate what it’s like to go from a simple idea to a fully produced work.  My non-musical friends find the process interesting as well, especially knowing the back story of how the piece was inspired.

I look forward to sharing the entire piece with you shortly but until then … here’s a sneak peak of how the song came about.  Hope you enjoy it!