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Sunday Setlist: June 26, 2011

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Hey Gang!

I’m crafting this recap at an early 5:19 AM on Monday.  I had no intentions of being up at 4:00 AM but that’s how it happened today.

Yesterday was a great service at SSCC.  The flow of our service was a bit different than normal, as we didn’t have our corporate worship through singing and music until the end of the service.

It was the final week of our “The Man Series”.  This week’s sermon title was “When A Man Loves a Woman”.

What better song to kickoff the morning than Percy’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”!  Since this is a secular song I thought it would be wise to break the ice.  This was our “walk-in” song so I just greeted everyone, explained that we were on our last week, the title, and pitched the song.  It was fun watching people laugh and smile as they casually enjoyed this all-familiar tune.  After we finished the song in the 9:00 AM service people really clapped and showed how much they enjoyed it.

We had one of our supported missionaries to East Asia with us so the first part of our service was dedicated to him.  After a well-produced video he shared about their work.

Just as David was about to get started with the sermon we interrupted him with our final spoof of the Bud Lite commercials, “Real Men of Genius”.  This week was “Mr. Golf Tournament Quiet Sign Holder Upper”.  The real humor in it was having PGA Pro Jonathan Byrd walk out on stage holding a big “Quiet” sign, accompanied my Mark Love, brother (and former caddy) of PGA Pro, Davis Love III.

Our time of corporate singing came during holy communion at the conclusion of the service.  Our communion set included:

“Remembrance” (Matt Maher/Matt Redman)
“In Christ Alone”
“He Ransomed Me” (original song I wrote last month, featured here)

“The Man Series” was a hit in our church.  I’ll miss our cool man cave setup on the stage for sure, but maybe I’ll get our Yamaha grand piano back out there.  I miss playing her!

View a copy of our service details and flow @ PlanningCenterOnline.Com.

How did it go with your services this weekend?

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Worship Recap for SSCC – Sunday May 24, 2009


Our worship service was unique today in that it was the first of a 2-week series called “Celebrate Life” which features a celebration of what God has done at our church over the last year, and the volunteers that made it happen.

The purpose is 3-fold:
1 – to celebrate what God has done
2 – to celebrate and honor the several hundred volunteers at SSCC each week
3 – to recruit new volunteers

Instead of having our typical time of musical worship followed by a sermon, the entire service had music, worship, and drama mixed throughout featuring our “Clubhouse Kids” from the “Fam Jam” environment.  An immense amount of work and preparation went into this – I don’t even have time or energy to share the set, the pictures, and videos, etc.  Just suffice it to say it was incredible.  Huge pictures of volunteers were hung all over the stage and all across the building, and were on signs outdoors across the property.  In addition to the drama (which was about thanking our volunteers) we had some incredible video testimonies from folks whose lives have been changed as a result of the ministry at SSCC.  The service ended with a volunteer appeal where we had a tri-fold printed document with all of the “reach out” volunteer opportunities and we encouraged all attenders to check three areas of interest where they’d like to serve.  All existing volunteers checked the boxes, too – so it was a “we” thing … I glanced over the congregation and it seemed like the overwhelming majority of folks there had the brochure in hand, pen open, and were filling it out.  Wow, what we could do with 1500 new volunteeers!


The moment I heard the name of the series I knew I wanted horns.  I recruited a sax player and a couple of trumpets (from a highschool in the next county, over an hour’s drive!) and we opened and closed with “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang.  It was sweet!

Walk In:  “Celebration” (Kool & The Gang)

Opening Set:
Happy Day (Tim Hughes)
Everlasting God (Todd Fields, Northpoint Live Arr.)

Second Set:
Glorious One (Steve Fee)

How Great is Our God (Tomlin and crew)

For the details, see this production sheet from PlanningCenterOnline.


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Worship Confessional for SSCC, Sunday May 17, 2009

Today was another Sunday where I scheduled myself off the stage completely.  Harriet, one of the worship leaders (actually, the founding worship leader!) led worship today.  I enjoyed the entire 11:00 AM service with my wife and one of my kids.  Crazy, we were even led to our seats by an usher!  (that’s because my wife came in late and there were hardly any seats left!)

Before I share about the setlist, I’ll “confess” some issues we had this week.  Thursday’s rehearsal was pretty stressful because a few us had to come late – there was an end-of-the-year musical at the elementary school which involved several of our kids.  To complicate matters, we had a couple of band members who couldn’t make rehearsal.  I typically have a strong rule about that – and rarely make an exception.  In this case, I made an exception – one had a last minute change, and another I had no knowledge that they were going to miss.  To top that off, Travis, our Tech Director, was very sick that day and couldn’t even come in to work.  We patched the system and setup the stage the best we could, but there were a few kinks to workout and it took a while.

Let me tell you – in most of these cases you hear “it’ll be OK, they know the music”.  Well, it’s not OK.  At our level (and I don’t say that in an arrogant way, like “our level” is better) we have layers upon layers of other things happening – from mixing FOH, mixing in-ear monitors, production cues and notes, etc.  The absense made the morning sound check stressful, hectic, and as a result, the overall level of excellence wasn’t as good as it could’ve been.  I’ll chalk that one up to being more proactive in schedule management.

Nevertheless, the worship time was great and of course, God touches lives and hearts.  Though we desire to bring our best, some days “our best” means simply “the best we can offer with the hand we were dealt”.  There was a liberty and freedom and as always, Harriet and the team did a great job connecting with the congregation and leading them in worship.

Walk-in:  “I’ll Fly Away” (bluegrass style, with harmonica) – a crowd favorite every time
Opening:  “No Other Name” (Todd Fields, Northpoint Live arr)
Announcements:  Pastor David did today’s announcements
Second Set:
The Old Rugged Cross (traditional, piano, vocals, guitars, and harmonica)
* Harriet did a fantastic job casting vision for this old hymn.  She expressed how the church is us locally, but is also us worldwide, gathering together to worship.  Then, she referenced the fact that the church is also historic, and that our heritage is marked not only by our creeds, but by our singing.  With that, she explained that this hymn would be known by some, and never heard by others.  It was a masterful, well-planned intro to kick off the 2nd set.

Shout to the Lord (Hillsongs)
* we did the Chorus-only of this on Easter, and Harriet brought it back in full force.  I have to admit, my sabbatical from that song (an unintentional one) had me in a place where I couldn’t wait to sing this great anthem again.  I sang with all I had.

You Have Made Me Glad (Hillsongs)
Another one of my favorites that Harriet leads.  I’ve taken that song and led it a few times myself, and love the way the song is easy to sing, and expresses great truths.  It’s a “vertical, direct” song to God – perfect for worship.

Sermon:  Road Signs – Yield
Our Youth Pastor, Jon Blankenship did the sermon today – he did a fantastic job, though our special “set design” plans fell through, leaving a rather unattractive, bare stage design.  Sermon was great – will be on the podcast by Monday afternoon.

Closing:  “Step by Step” and “Jesus Messiah”
Harriet pulled a surprise out of the hat, and added “Step by Step” (the old Rich Mullins song) after hearing Jon’s sermon.  It was an appropriate add, and then we had a segue into “Jesus Messiah” for the conclusion.

A good day.  I’ve been having some lower back problems for the last week and found it hard to sit through either service.  The nagging pain nagged me just enough to have me a bit on edge and frustrated that I couldn’t feel as whole as I’d like.

I enjoyed the perspective of “being in the room” this week, but Sunday is coming and we have a big day planned for next week.

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