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Worship Interludes: Scattered [March 20, 2017]

Today’s interlude is called “scattered”.  How many times do we find ourselves in a hurry … hectic, rushed, scattered, and pulled in many different directions.    As I prepare to leave town for a week, that’s how I felt this morning.  My normal devotional time in the morning was abandoned out of the hectic rush to pack and pull together everything needed for my trip.

As I played this interlude I found myself closing my eyes and taking long, deep breaths.   I could feel the stress and tension inside of me and began to release it as I played.   I hope you can do the same.

The beautiful photo on this post displays scattered rose petals.  A rose is beautiful yet fragile and with enough force, the petals fall to the ground and are scattered.  Yet, in the midst of the scatter, they are beautiful.  May our lives be the same.


Burnout – Now What?

Craig over at LifeChurch started it all, with a post called “Signs of a Lukewarm Pastor”

Carlos took it the next step by focusing this on worship ministry, with his post called “Signs of a Lukewarm Worship Leader”

So, thanks guys for showing us the signs.

Here’s my question.  Are you there?  And if so – what can you do about it?

Craig answered this question here, but I’d like to get some transparent, real, authentic discussion going right here today.

Let’s face it – it’s real.  I’ve been battling the issue myself for a while, and I clearly know WHAT to do … it’s DOING IT that becomes the difficult task.

Go for it – don’t hold back – be authentic.