Worship Interludes: Slowing Down [Episode 47, August 20, 2017]

Today’s episode is the first in a while.  I have to admit, life has taken me for a bit of a run and I’ve lost a bit of my momentum and discipline in recording these interludes.   Today was a busy day, non-stop from the moment we hit the “go” button.   Before I realized it the time had slipped away.  I looked at the clock and thought “I’m not leaving until I record”.   So I recorded a beautiful, heartfelt theme in the Key of A and when I finished a sense of satisfaction poured over me.  I turned to stop the recording and realized that nothing I’d played actually got recorded.   Ugh.

So, I decided to try again.  But this time, I felt tension inside of me and I remembered … “slow it down”.   In between the opening chords, I found myself closing my eyes and taking deep, long breaths.

It’s amazing how much tension we can carry.   I hope that you’ll take a moment and listen to this and “slow it down”.  Relax.  Breathe.  Pray.  Meditate.  Be thankful.

Be at peace.


Worship Interludes: Determination [Episode 46, August 9, 2017]

Determination:  we need it in life.  Whether you are determined to make a goal, to resolve a problem, or to get back on track … getting the right mindset is so important.   In many cases, sheer will power is never enough.   The cares of life will quickly drag us away from the things that we are determined to do.   That is why taking time to be still and reflect is so important.

Today’s interlude is a bit more update and happy.  It’s meant to lift you and give you a positive outlook on the things in your life that you are determined to push through.

God bless!