Worship Interludes Podcast

The Worship Interludes Podcast

Peaceful, calm, reflective instrumental interludes for your times of prayer, devotion, meditation, and relaxation.

Thank you for listening to the Worship Interludes Podcast.  I created this podcast to share some of my own personal times of worship through playing the piano.  My hope is that these short, improvised instrumental interludes will be a blessing to those who enjoy calm, reflective instrumental music.

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Recent Interludes


Worship Interludes: Stay the Course [Episode 16, March 27, 2017]

Oh how good it is to be back home, in the studio, and playing the piano.  I spent the last week in Vegas with my wife and I could use this short interlude as much as anyone. While on the trip we took a helicopter excursion to see the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. … Continue reading Worship Interludes: Stay the Course [Episode 16, March 27, 2017]

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Worship Interludes: Carry [with Russ Hutto, Guest Artist]

Today’s Worship Interlude is provided by Russ Hutto, a guest artist for the Worship Interludes podcast. From Russ: Today as I sat down to play I was reminded of an old worship chorus that I wore out when I was just a young worship leader learning to play chords and sing at the same time. … Continue reading Worship Interludes: Carry [with Russ Hutto, Guest Artist]

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