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Hey Everybody –

A while back I got a great “Q&A” email from Barry Trowbridge.  I’d like to use it as a post today and ask everyone to rally and get some responses for Barry.

Fred – I really am enjoying your blog. Since you are a  worship leader, I’d like to get your opinion/thoughts on something. We have about 25 people who are involved in leading worship at our church – several instrumentalists and vocalists, and we serve on a rotating basis, and don’t always serve with the same people, so there are very few times during the year when we’re all in the same place at the same time. As a result, we’re having trouble figuring out how to build great community in such a setting. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how you and your team  builds community.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts you might have on this topic.
(Barry Trowbridge –

My Response:

Barry, this is a great question that shows your pastor’s heart in leading this team.  I believe that the stronger our relationships can be “off” the platform the better.  This intimacy and fellowship that we develop “off stage” will most certainly translate into greater flow, unity, and purpose “on” the platform.

Your question is also a stinging reminder that I’ve not done a good job in this very area.  I’ve got around 70+ according to PlanningCenter in the Main Auditorium rotation alone and it’s a daunting task to keep everyone in community.

A few thoughts:
1.  Food.  Nothing builds community like food and fellowship.  There is something about “breaking bread” together.  Have a BBQ, a big pizza party, etc.

2.  Ministry.  Consider having a time when you bring everyone together, and then have an outsider come in and just minister to your group.  Lead them in worship, or teach and train them.

3.  Experience Other Ministry.  If a worship artist is having a concert nearby, have a road trip.  We took a handful of our musicians to see Hillsong United in Jacksonville and it was a great time of team building.  The drive down was probably the best part of it.  Also, consider purchasing some DVDs of live worship and playing them.  It’s a great way to eat, fellowship, and then explore some purpose.

4.  Reach In.  Beyond just their participation on the worship team, make sure that as many volunteers as possible are “reaching in” on a different level – through a small group of sorts.  In our church, that could be a home group, Men’s Fraternity, Women’s Bible Study, etc.

What I’m learning is that if you don’t proactively plan these and get them on the calendar, they simply won’t happen.  Shoot for at least 3-4 times per year.

How about everyone else that reads this blog?  What would you suggest?

Sunday Setlists #3 – Join the Fun

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to “Sunday Setlists”, a weekly blog carnival. Please see the rules below. It’s amazing how many folks won’t read the rules. LOTS of links deleted last week as a result. The rules are important as it’s what makes the whole thing work.

The Vision:
To post a recap of our worship service and setlist here on FredMcKinnon.Com, to encourage other leaders or church-goers to do the same, and to share links back to here, and out to you. You don’t have to be the worship leader. You can just ATTEND church and give a recap – your own synopsis of the worship service.

Quick Rules Recap:

  1. Blog (or use FaceBook notes) about your worship service setlist. Please consider calling your entry “Sunday Setlist”; however this is optional.
  2. In your “Sunday Setlist” post, you must link back to this post and say something about the fact that you’re participating in “Sunday Setlists” with other worship leaders. Don’t link to my homepage, link to THIS BLOG ENTRY. Just in case you’re having trouble with that, the URL you wish to link to this week is:
  3. Fill out the “Mister Linky” box below – YOUR LINK MUST POINT TO YOUR “SUNDAY SETLIST” POST, AND *NOT* YOUR BLOG’S HOMEPAGE OR MAIN INDEX PAGE. If your link points to your main blog page, and not the individual post, IT WILL BE DELETED.
  4. Leave a comment below letting everyone know your “Sunday Setlist” post is live.

My Setlist

Because I like to get “Sunday Setlist” up good and early, I’m only posting our Setlist, and not a service recap. I hope to come along and edit this post with a more thorough recap later Sunday afternoon.

Today (Sunday, Aug 10) is Week #2 in our “Get In the Game” series. It’s a short Sunday for us, as we have something special planned after the service in our atrium. Today is a strategic service day, and the theme of the service is “No Spectators”. We’re encouraging people to “reach out” and serve. All of the ministries have tents and “tailgating” areas setup in the atrium with information about their ministries and how you can get involved. As a result, we’re doing a shorter setlist this week.

Open/Walk-in: “Not To Us” (my arrangement/recording) [iTunes]
First Song: “You, You Are God” (my arrangement/recording) [iTunes]
Second Song: “Revelation Song” (Kari Jobe/Gateway) [iTunes]
Closer: “Wanted, Dead or Alive” (Bon Jovi) [a hilarious spoof on this song w/ lyrics adjusted for volunteer apprecation and recruitment]

Hopefully I can get some audio of the “Dead or Alive” spoof, it sounded pretty good at rehearsal.

OK, so “follow da rules, follow da rules”. Please link back to this post in your blog entry, and please put the URL back to your “Sunday Setlist” post (not your blog’s homepage or main index) in the Mister Linky below, and leave a comment.

Oh yeah – and most importantly … VISIT the other sites in the Mister Linky. That’s the whole idea – to share our setlists!

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Sunday Setlists Participants

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