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Worship Interludes

The “Worship Interludes Podcast” started as a way for me to share some of my personal times of musical worship during my personal devotional times.   They are rarely rehearsed and almost always a spontaneous, free-flowing response to my thoughts, prayers, or reflections on Scripture and life.  

My desire in producting this podcast was that people would be able to subscribe from their computers, phones, tablets, and devices and take this “quiet time” music with them wherever they went.   The peaceful melodies would be available for times of prayer, meditation, “soaking worship”, and relaxation.   It could provide interludes to play as background music for studying or resting.  You can listen in your car, on the beach, during a walk or jog, or any other place you’d like to just slow down, breathe, and listen.

As of April, 2018, the podcast has been downloaded over 90,000 times in over 156 countries and growing daily.  

You can always listen to the podcast on the website (below) but the best way to enjoy the podcast is by subscribing on your computer and devices so that you always have the most updated episodes wherever you go.

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Pause to Pray | Piano Instrumental [Episode 178, September 19, 2019]

“Pause to Pray” – Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, & Reflection One of the roadblocks that hinders people from taking time to pray, meditate, or reflect is time. For some reason, we feel that we need to block off a long block of time for it to be effective. The reality is that even a...

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Waves of Mercy | Extended Play [Episode 177, September 10, 2019]

“Waves of Mercy” – Extended Play Instrumental Music with Stunning Ocean Waves Videography I love the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing along the shore. There is something incredibly peaceful about the tides, the waves, and what seems like an eternal motion that was established in the very beginning. Today’s interlude, “Waves of...

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Warmth of Light | Piano Instrumental [Episode 176, September 6, 2019]

“Warmth of Light” – Soothing, Peaceful Piano Instrumental Music This morning’s interlude is a peaceful solo piano improvisation with a simple melody. As I was recording in my home studio this morning I could feel the warmth of the sunlight bursting through the partially open blinds on our front windows. The sun gives us light...

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Calm | Piano Instrumental [Episode 175, September 3, 2019]

“Calm” – Solo Piano Instrumental Music Improvisation Today’s episode of the Worship Interludes Podcast is called “Calm”. Today is Tuesday, September 3rd, 2019. Hurricane Dorian is lurking far off the coast, hammering the Bahamas for two straight days. Our little island here in Georgia is under evacuation orders but we’ve chosen to stay here for...

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Rest At the Altar | Music for Prayer & Meditation [Episode 174, August 28, 2019]

“Rest At the Altar” – Instrumental Music Today’s improvisational interlude is a simple, extended soundtrack of acoustic piano layered with pads and textures. Rather than having an identifiable melody, this piece sustains chords and progressions making it easy to get lost in a time of prayer, meditation, or relaxation without the distraction of a busy...

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Soaking In The Light | Keyboard Instrumental [Episode 176, August 21, 2019]

“Soaking In The Light” – Instrumental Music for Soaking Worship, Prayer, & Meditation Today’s interlude is an extended, thirteen minute interlude with a mixture of synth pads, effects, and piano. It’s called “Soaking in the Light”. It’s a slow, intentional piece in the key of G-minor. This improvisation is one of those pieces that lends...

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