Goodbye ProTools, Hello Logic Studio?

I’m a faithful die-hard. I don’t like change. I didn’t like change years ago when Gibson bought out Opcode and StudioVision Pro was “no more”. That’s when I made the change to the big-time industry standard recording platform, “ProTools“.

Now that I’m not sitting in my studio all day, ProTools isn’t very practical. I find myself getting more and more portable. I have a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 in my office … with no sounds. GarageBand isn’t really as versatile as I need, although it worked last week for a 4:30 instrumental solo. Launching Protools would require hardware – I could borrow Chris’ MBox, but that’s a pain.

One of my good friends, and an incredible artist/songwriter/worship leader, McKendree Tucker, keeps telling me I should make the switch to Apple’s Logic Studio … and I’m very tempted. He uses both – Logic for tracking, recording, looping, creative … and ProTools for some tough editing and transfers when needing a ProTools studio.

Here’s the deal … $499 retail is an AMAZINGLY LOW price for all the stuff you get with Logic Studio. I mean, it comes out of the box with more instruments and plugins than I already have with a big investment in ProTools stuff. Plus, it’s portable – I don’t need hardware to record MIDI, to mix, or to edit. I have major creative recording and editing tools at my fingertips.

Sounds like I’ve made up my mind … I’d like to hear from those of you who have experience with either, both, or who made the switch.

Whatcha say?

PS: I want to stay engaged in the blog comments, but as some may recall, I’ve been unplugging and “fasting” blogs on Wednesdays, and I’ll be traveling most of the day on Thursday, so hopefully I can get back into the discussion by then … but we got all night!

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24 comments on “Goodbye ProTools, Hello Logic Studio?

  1. You know what I use, but just to put it in writing: Logic does everything and more that pro-tools does, and at about half the price. Can you say “Duh”? 😉

  2. Fred says:

    And Shannon kicks it off strong with a bold statement .. .”more” for Less. there are those who say the “inability” to be compatible with kazillions of PT-compatible studios is enough to strike the “more” down … then again, I figure there has to be an easy way around that?

  3. Adam says:

    Hey Man-

    We switched from ProTools to Logic at Canyon Ridge a while back, and our guys love it. It’s so easy to use, and has so many functions. Stephen May, my friend/roomate also personally had a Protools studio at our house here for over a year….we never used it, because of the pain. He switched to Logic also, and we have been recording drum tracks, guitar and piano parts, and it rocks. MAKE THE SWITCH!!

  4. Russ says:

    right now I’d settle for anything!

    Logic looks like a solid option though.

  5. inWorship says:

    I’ll probably need to do some research on my own or wait till your back Fred 🙂

    I am curious. What you get for the $499? Software, Plug Ins, Track Count, Sample Rates, Interface?

    Just curious. Maybe we could then match it against the $500 Mbox pus software and see what compares.

    I like both. I have never used Logic in a larger studio environment, cause it isn’t there and there is so much depth to after market products for Pro tools, that it is still a standard. I like how Logic feels though. It is a much better program for music production. Simpler and more efficient.

    I am curious apples to apples, what we are looking at though.

  6. inWorship says:

    I should clarify. If you are using a DAW for the first time. Logic isn’t simpler necessarily, but everything is in one place so things are easier to get to, where Pro Tools may be more specialized in specific areas.

  7. mandy says:

    i’m running off of ProTools 7 LE, with the MBox interface. all i need is my laptop (PC – so no Logic possibilities for me), external hard-drive, and MBox. so, when it comes to portability, i can throw it all in my backpack.

    as for the intuitivity of ProTools, i find myself banging my head against a wall. i’ve been following “Ignite” – a type of protools for dummies user manual, with pictures. but i need more “visual learning” than that. in fact, i will PAY someone to get me over the hump of the MIDI & Plugins setup/usage in ProTools.

    any takers?

  8. Louis Tagliaboschi says:

    I have a question about using either program to record worship. How do you record individual channels with them? How do you get it into the computer. I think I would be alright once I got them in there.

    Thanks, and I am enjoying this thread.

  9. inWorship says:

    Mandy, seriously, you need to fly out and I’ll teach Y’all 🙂

    Louis, I’ll jump in since I know Fred is offline today.

    To get multiple tracks of material in the computer, you need an interface that will allow multiple inputs. Both Pro Tools and Logic allow for multiple tracks, but neither of them at the $500 price allows for enough inputs. At that price you would basically have between 2-8 inputs. This is where Logic would excel though. For probably around $1000 Logic would allow an interface to be used for up to about 16 tracks. Pro tools would require a lot more money to get it to this point. Read…thousands of dollars.

    So, Logic for under $2k could allow a pretty flexible system for worship recording.

  10. Pastuh says:

    Go for it Fred! Also, how about give us a tour of your studio? Keep the blogs coming man…enjoy reading them every day.

  11. Fred says:

    Thanks for jumping in – and Mandy, per my email – yes, just gimme a call or something – I’d be happy to walk you through it … I have a mBox in my office at SSCC (it belongs to Chris) so I could literally boot up ProTools from SSCC or from my home, of course, within minutes.

    Louis – Brent did a great job answering …. w/ ProTools, you’d have to use ProTools-qualified hardware, which is a disadvantage. However, ProTools does now support some of the M-Audio gear .. … COMMERCIAL BREAK:
    Fred is a fully, qualified M-Audio dealer – so pick out your speakers, MIDI controller, and interface at http:/// and email me to order it!

    Back …
    Pastuh … Russ has been asking the same thing about my studio … so sure … I’ve got a session in about 2 weeks … when I transform it BACK into a recording studio instead of a shipping warehouse for HPP Enterprises, I’ll shoot some video and post it.

    Good to be back! Will be traveling to Gainesville, GA today, but will be back online this afternoon after arrival.


  12. Fred says:

    Louis – you can use something like this:

    Less than $400 for the interface, would work with Logic, and/or would work with ProTools M-Powered.

  13. Fred says:

    I ordered Logic. It will be here by Monday.

  14. Travis says:

    I have a Firewire 410. Its fantastic, although I haven’t stretched it for multiple tracking. You may have to use Beta Drivers for Apple but I haven’t had any trouble with mine. I got it for $299 I think.

  15. Chuck says:

    Hey guys, I’m a Pro Tools LE user (v.7.3) and am about to upgrade to v.7.4. The elastic time functions and quanitzing functions are well worth the $49 upgrade from 7.3 to 7.4.

    I haven’t used Logic, but I can see where it would be an great deal for what you get, and I’ve read some awesome reviews. I hear the virtual instruments that come with Logic are off the chain. The Garageband loops alone are almost worth the price of Logic Pro (if you purchased all the Garageband libraries seperately!) Because my studio is not near my residence (45 miles away!), I’ve seriously considered getting another Mac (laptop) and Logic for home use.

    I’ll agree with one of the earlier comments that Logic may not be necessarily “easier”, just laid-out in a better setup. I’m sure there are pros & cons of both systems. I’ve read recently where many folks are using Logic, Cubase, or some other application for tracking, but will then take those tracks into a Pro Tools session because you simply can’t beat Pro Tools for mixing / mastering. I guess it’s an “apples vs. oranges” kind of thing. I’ve read several forums where folks simply don’t like the Pro Tools 002 / 003 preamps. Presonus just came out with a simple 8-mic preamp interface that connects via light-pipe offering 8 more channels for Pro Tools 002 / 003 setups. I’ve never read a bad review on a Presonus product.

    Not trying to steal Fred’s M-Audio thunder! Does M-Audio have a similar product like the Presonus DigiMAX D8? I’m curious, because I don’t know. I’ll have to look more closely at the M-Audio products. For $400, the D8 seems to be a good deal for anyone looking at adding 8 more mic inputs to a system that has light-pipe connections. Some products that are coming out now, like the D8, seem to be Pro Tools hardware friendly. And of course, the M-Audio products are Pro Tools friendly. Maybe the times are a changin’?

    One trend I see is that although Pro Tools is a little more pricey than other apps, the folks at Digidesign seem to be noticing the market changes and customer needs, and there seems to be adjustments being made in relation to customer demands. The latest upgrade in Pro Tools 7.4 is a good indication that they are beginning to offer more bang for the buck. I mean, for $50 upgrading from 7.3 to 7.4, you get the elastic time and quanitzation function, and if you don’t think that’s a big deal, visit the Digidesign site & check out the demo. I tracked a session last week where I will definitely use the quanitization function once I upgrade.

    Having given my two-cent’s on Pro Tools, If I had it to do over again I would probably buy Logic instead of Pro Tools, simply because of what you get for the money. There are so many applications and tracking software that work well, I’d say pick one and run with it. It will always be apples vs. oranges.

    Everybody needs to check out the M-Audio products (and buy from Fred!) I’ve read nothing but stellar reviews on these products.

  16. Fred says:

    Thanks, Chuck – great info.

    Actually, in my LIMITED experience, I found ProTools to be much easier to navigate – it made a LOT more sense to me. I remember trying to figure out that “Environment” window in Logic where you setup MIDI stuff and I about went nuts.

    But, as you saw … I’ve made the plunge, and purchased Logic – but I bet I’ll still use ProTools a lot – we’ll see.

  17. Keep us posted once you get Logic and let us know just how it compares to PT. I’ve been a PT LE (w/MBox) user for years now but just got my first Mac a month ago and now I’m faced with a similar issue… Wait until Digidesign releases a LE for leopard or jump into Logic. The only extras I have invested are Waves native plugins so I’d still be able to use them with Logic as AU plugins so I really wouldn’t be loosing anything save the familiarity of the PT interface.

  18. Chuck says:

    I was checking out the demo videos for the update to PT 7.4 last night, and man, talk about a shot in the arm! The elastic time function is something else! You guys should go check that out. Here’s a link (hope ya got a fast connection…)

  19. Chuck says:

    Hey Fred, being the pianist extra-ordinaire that you are, what are your thoughts on some of the new virtual piano software out there nowadays? I saw where East / Weat has a new sampled package that has (get this…) 260 GIGS of samples for around $470! You need a huge external hard-drive and a LOT of RAM just to run that baby!

    Also, have you had any experience with Synthology Ivory?

  20. Fred says:

    My only experience is with SampleTank 2, which I use extensively in ProTools … and I’m glad to hear may be compatible w/ Logic? (I use it as RTAS in PTLE). The piano patch I love in SampleTank is “Steinway Concert Grand”, and you can hear it in my composition, “Restless”, which can be heard by playing it at the top left corner of this blog.

    However, SampleTank was a memory hog, and McKendree tells me there are some fabulous piano samples that come “stock” right out of the box w/ Logic Studio .. which is a huge reason I got it. I’m not thrilled with the 3 piano options in GarageBand.

  21. Casey Craig says:

    Fred. Once again very resourceful blog. I was just curious if you could do like a step-by-step on actually making/producing loops. This is something I’m interested in and I already have the equipment. (Logic and Firewire 410.) I just need a good solid base from which I can at least start. Thanks Fred!

  22. Fred says:

    Hey Casey,

    I’m not the guy to ask – I’ve barely launched Logic … I’d suggest going to .. and there’s a great “getting started” article on TheWorshipCommunity.Com as well – just search for “loops” or look in the archives under “Worship Technology” category.

    Thanks, man! Love having you hear on the blog!
    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  23. Brendon says:

    I don’t know Logic is definetley a better product than Pro Tools. For the major reason that you don’t have to invest some much money. But if your just using it for loops primarily and some minor recording I would go with reason.

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