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Hey Ya’ll,

I’m back … I hope to do an extensive post (or series) on this whole concept of my “fasting” blogs and Twitter on Wednesdays … maybe next week … I’m working on a special “project” regarding that, and hope to have everything settled by next week.

In a bit of a hurry this morning, so I thought I’d just post a few “quick happenings” over the last 24-48 hours … that may (or may NOT) be of interest to you all.

1. Great day of fasting, prayer, and unplugging from blog world yesterday.
2. Jon Michael had a baseball game last night – they won 7-1 … which puts “Elite Landscaping” with a 1-1-1 record. JM got a double, and then he got a monster hit over the 3rd base line, which they called a foul ball.
3. I called in and spoke to Dave Ramsey LIVE on the Dave Ramsey show yesterday. I feel like a celebrity. And a dufus – if I understood a little more about S-Corp accounting, I wouldn’t have had to ask the question. I was very nervous, and after I hung up, Joy laughed ’cause my hands were shaking. Dave’s a celebrity for us, and has transformed our lives. It may as well have been the President of the United States.
4. We’re going to visit G’Ville and celebrate Joy’s Dad’s 81st Birthday. Happy Birthday Mr. Wilbanks!
5. I did it. I ordered Logic Studio. (great discussion of Logic Studio versus ProTools on this post)
6. Shannon is leading worship at SSCC this Sunday. It will the first Sunday I’ve missed since moving into the new facility, and I won’t even be @ rehearsal.
7. Got some positive feedback regarding my song, “Fix My Eyes” on CCLITV – Now this song is featured on the “FanFaves” charts at IndieHeaven.Com and you can vote for this song on the “Praise/Worship” fanFaves charts at IndieHeaven.Com.
8. God’s Word is coming ALIVE to me lately. I’ve been posting contributions to YouVersion.Com almost daily – and if you’d like to keep up with them, you can subscribe to my contribution’s RSS feed below. I’d like to always blog when I get a nugget from the Word, but that won’t always happen – so this is a way to catch those as soon as they are posted:

Fred’s YouVersion.com contributions RSS feed:

Well, time to get outta here. Thanks for being here – thanks for commenting – thanks for caring – and thanks for being great friends!

For the Kingdom,

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8 comments on “Quick Happenings

  1. Larry Jones says:

    Fred – that’s awesome you were able to talk to Dave live on the radio! I’ll see if I hear you here in Kansas City, today (tape delay).

    Dave is going to be here in town for his Live event next Saturday and I have Platinum tickets. I hope to get the opportunity to meet him face to face!

  2. Chris Moncus says:

    I listened live. You celeb you. BTW… can I have your autograph when you get back? Pray for me. I’m gonna be nervous as all get out playing bass this weekend.

  3. Fred says:

    Larry – I’m totally jealous.
    Chris – you’ll be fine, dude – enjoy the moment, worship, and have a blast.

  4. Pastuh says:

    Fred- I try to read your blogs every day, and must let you know I really enjoy reading what you have to say. I remember previously reading your blog concerning Eternal Security. My question is to you lean more towards a Spirit-filled faith such as Jentezen Franklin (noticed you were going to visit his church and must say I am VERY envious..lol) or do you hold fast to the doctrines held by Methodist, Baptist, etc? Just sort of interested in hearing your side as I was a little shocked you were going to visit Jentezen’s church. Keep the blogs coming man of God!

  5. Fred says:

    Pastuh –

    Hey! Ah, I love it man – let’s take off the masks and talk about REAL LIFE! 🙂

    First – why are you shocked that I’d visit Free Chapel? We’ve visited numerous times, and have many friends there. (some of which I know READ here but don’t comment – chicken, bah, bah, bah).

    With easy passing year, I get more and more discontent with “religious labels”, “movements”, etc … but to answer your question the best I can .. yes, if I had to “label myself” and how I believe, interpret Scripture, and walk out my faith, I would definitely be put in a more “charismatic” vein of the Christian faith. I don’t really like that label, and there is lots of stuff I have seen in “charismania” that makes me puke, then again, lots of stuff in traditional and denominational walks that cause the same. And of course, there are things I celebrate from both.

    I grew up in the Methodist church, have led worship and ministered in the Methodist church quite a bit, have been on staff in 100% die-hard Charismatic churches, and now serve on a staff of 20+ wonderful people who share multiple interpretations and beliefs of various doctrinal issues, but who all come together and agree on the “main thing”, the core Gospel of Jesus Christ, those things we’d say in the “Apostles Creed”.

    Thanks for the question, Pastuh … I think I should start a “whatcha wanna know” post, and let people ask some questions! I’ve seen that a lot, and always thought it would be fun.

  6. Pastuh says:

    Yeah, I totally agree with you about the whole “label” thing. I just was not totally sure if you leaned towards the Charismatic/Pentecostal route or not. But that clears it up for me. I totally love to hear Pastor Jentezen Franklin preach–I think he’s probably the best communicator of the Word I’ve heard. Well if you do start that “whatcha wanna know” post…I think it would be cool to see a video tour (maybe via embed YouTube Video) of the studio. Thanks again Fred!

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