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Hey Everyone:

Hope you’ve had an awesome week thus far. I wanted to take a moment to recap our service from this past Sunday, May 11 at SSCC.

We’ve been in a series called “Just Breathe” which centers around the person of the Holy Spirit. This past Sunday, David taught on “Being Filled with the Holy Spirit”. Spending the last 20 years in a more “charistmatic church” setting, I’ve heard this taught many, many times. I can honestly say that David’s teaching this week was perhaps the best teaching I’ve heard on it. It was the straight truth, Biblical, and communicated in such a way that it could be received from anybody who has “ears to hear”.

The sermon was illustrated with three basketballs. One basketball was flat, with all the air sucked out of it. This was a picture of someone who doesn’t know Christ, and the Holy Spirit had not been breathed into them. (breath, or air). Then he had a basketball that looked fine … it was round and inflated, but it only was about 1/2 full of air. It bounced OK, but didn’t bounce well, and was harder to control. This was typical of so many Christians who have received God’s Holy Spirit, but weren’t filled … and as a result, weren’t as effective as they should be. Finally, he got a big air pump and began to pump it into the basketball, filling it completely. This ball was full of air and David demonstrated his dribbling chops as he bounced it around on the stage and between his legs. Then, another guy who was a basketball-dribbling MASTER came out with two basketballs … and the sound guys started the “Harlem Globetrotters” sound track … this guy whirled those basketballs around like a pro.

The point was that these were not only filled, but in the right hands. How could be live if we were filled with the Holy Spirit, and surrendered into the Hands of God.

One of my favorite lines was (paraphrased) when David said “I don’t really care what you want to call it … baptism of the Holy Spirit, infilling of the Holy Spirit, filled with the Holy Spirit, receiving the Holy Spirit, surrendering completely to the Holy Spirit …. but all of these theologians have come across multiple viewpoints and agreed that there was a point in time after their salvation where they realized they needed to truly surrender to the fullness of the Holy Spirit”. (you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get that quote just right)

So, I’d encourage you to take a few and listen to this sermon on the podcast. It was awesome.

Now, onto the songs. (where available, songs are linked to iTunes)

Open: In The Secret” (Vineyard)
(great opener, old-school Vineyard song)

First Set:
Fix My Eyes” (Fred McKinnon) [Video Available]
(2nd week in a row, chose this song because it’s about being filled with God’s Holy Spirit).

Second Set:

“Surely the Presence”
(low lights, sweet, quiet arrangement with piano, led by Kim Dixon)
With All I Am” (Hillsong)
(continued worship led by Kim Dixon)

Just Breathe Intro (view it at TravisPaulding.Com)

Consuming Fire (Tim Hughes)

Well, that’s a wrap for this confessional. (sorry no video this time!).

How was your Sunday?

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10 comments on “Being Filled, Worship Confessional

  1. Melanie Burney says:

    Well, I can say that the basketball illustration is the best I’ve heard also! I have really been thinking about this post since I read it yesterday and wow! Thanks for sharing this……it makes you think are you filled or half filled and bouncing out of control! Awesome!

  2. Fred says:

    Yep – the reality is, we are all filled with “something” … wish you could’ve seen that guy w/ those basketballs, it was amazing!

  3. cre8ed4praiz says:

    Wow. Thanks for the honor of posting on my blog. I am just IN LOVE with your wonderful songs. Restore my Heart is absolutely amazing. Thanks for allowing God to flow through your in music and lyrics. Thanks for having worship songs that have “meat” ! I lead praise and worship at our small COGOP church and I only use songs where I can definately “see” the focus is on God (Jesus, Holy Spirit) and nowhere else. Blessings upon blessings! (oh and I have the lead sheet already) I plan to use it this Sunday in worship.

  4. Fred says:

    What is a “COGOP” church?

  5. Jennifer says:

    I also love the basketball example..I’ll have to share that with my pastor. Glad you had such a great Sunday. Our church was wonderful this morning as well. We are a new church launch..still in a home until we launch in October. We had near 40 packed in there today after only being around a few months! It’s been humbling to see God move and work.

    From the Inside Out by Hillsongs United (my new favorite)
    Heart of Worship

    Just an awesome day. God is at work in my heart in HUGE ways.


  6. Fred says:

    Hey Jen,
    That’s great to hear about the growth of the new church plant! Sounds like an amazing time!

    God bless,

  7. Melanie Burney says:

    COGOP is Church of God of Prophecy..I think that is what they are talking about

  8. mandy says:

    are y’all gonna have faith hill as a guest soloist?
    i’m just sayin

  9. Fred says:

    Umm .. I don’t get it? (but I’m glad that out of thousands of unread blogs from vacation, you stopped by!)


  10. Jennifer says: get it Mandy. Faith Hill sings a song called “Just Breathe”….there you go Fred.

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