Sunday, June 1 Recap

Hey Everyone,

Great services today at SSCC.

We began a series entitled “This Side Up” – which is a look at God’s “Upside Down Kingdom”. Today was the “setup” day … but was a great message. The default “coffee shop” set was removed and we had a big “warehouse” type set with lots of boxes and things.

There aren’t a lot of corporate songs that focus on these issues, so I didn’t waste a lot of time trying to pick the “perfect songs” to setup the sermon this week. Instead, I just prayerfully considered a set of songs that would have energy, worship, freedom, and I intentionally made some song decisions to reach out to some of the demographic in our community who desires to have some of the older songs and/or more traditional elements (ie. gimme a hymn).

Walk In:
“Not To Us” (my version, as recorded on Worship Under the Stars) [iTunes link]

First Set:
“Again, I Say Rejoice” (Israel Houghton) [iTunes Link]
I led this from the grand piano … Elizabeth moved over and played my Yahama Motif and knocked out the horn parts. It sounded great, and this song is always a great one to play and sing.

“Blessed Assurance” (Traditional Hymn)
This is one of my favorite hymns from growing up in the Methodist Church. I re-arranged this song in 9/8 time, with a very cool riff that we play as intro, and in between the verses. I hope to record a simple arrangement of this soon .. but wonder if I’ll find any good rhythm loops in 9/8 time. I’ve found that if I can intentionally find a good hymn, even if it’s only 1 out of 5 songs .. it makes the traditional folks very happy. I don’t feel it’s my “job to make folks happy” .. but it IS MY JOB TO GIVE THEM the best opportunity to engage with God in worship. If an older, traditional hymn is the vehicle that helps them .. I’d be foolish not to oblige. Not to mention there is rich theology in so many of our hymns.

Second Set:
“You Have Made Me Glad” (Hillsongs) [iTunes link]
This is a song that Harriet had been leading for “x” years (I dunno how long) before I arrived on the scene. It’s one that I played with her a few times and always loved this tune. I decided to reach back and give our people a chance to sing this familiar song, and they responded by singing out strong. In the first service, I actually repeated it a few extra times – it was too good to stop because so many people were singing along.

“How He Loves Us” (Kim Walker, Jesus Culture) [iTunes Link]
Probably one of the most powerful songs on the planet right now. We had a young couple at our home on Memorial Day, and the guy told me how much this song ministered to him. I thought to myself “now, I never would’ve picked this guy to love this song”. It’s an awesome song … one of my favorites right now.

“I Will Never Be” (Hillsongs) [iTunes Link]
This song has become a theme anthem for us … our church is about “changed lives” and our tagline with our logo is “Never be the Same Again”.

Finally … I’m about to save this entry and head off to our first of 3 summer baptisms. Lots of people getting baptized this afternoon, which is more evidence of changed lives at SSCC. Praise God.

How has your weekend been?

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5 comments on “Sunday, June 1 Recap

  1. cre8ed4praiz says:

    Great songs for worship. I enjoy hearing your selections.

  2. Jay Sellers says:

    I had a couple approach me at lunch to ask how I got the lead sound on How He Loves Us. They were so interested, I must have spent five minutes talking about the Ebow. Great song, indeed.

  3. Fred says:

    Hey, cool – you’ll have to tell me who that was. The ebow was sweet .. and REALLY loud in my right ear, haha!

  4. Peter Park says:

    It’s refreshing to hear you say that you choose songs that you felt God wanted you to do. Sometimes it’s hard to pick songs that go with the sermon topic all the time.

  5. We do “How He Loves” but changed 2 lyrics:

    “sloppy wet kiss” was changed to “Heaven meets earth”. No self-respecting dude should ever sing the words “sloppy wet kiss”. Period.

    “We are His portion” was changed to “He is our portion” because the original lyric is COMPLETELY theologically incorrect!

    Good songs, mate.

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