Baptism and The Shack

Hey everyone,

So today our church celebrated it’s 2nd of 3 “Summer Baptism” sessions. We celebrate two main sacraments at SSCC corporately – baptism and communion.

Today’s baptism was at a wonderful house … er … estate at the end of East Beach. For those of you who know St. Simons Island, GA … you are familiar with East Beach and Gould’s Inlet. At low tide, it is a river flowing into the ocean far away, with what seems like hundreds of yards of beach. At high tide, the beach and river vanish into a churning mixture of foam, waves, and currents.

Joy and I were just down there on our “date” Friday night and were admiring this estate. It’s beautiful and perfectly nestled on the tip of East Beach, overlooking the inlet and Sea Island. Upon climbing the stairs to the porch and terrace area, we found everyone gathered around a small pool with one of those “infinity edges” making the pool seem as if it cascaded off into the ocean. It was glorious, and a beautiful backdrop to share in the sacrament and celebration of those being baptized. Those of you who may follow me on Twitter got a glimpse of it via TwicPic below. My, God has blessed us to live in a gorgeous place. (and sorry Mandy and Drew, if you are reading, don’t want to make you homesick!)

Oh yeah … and I finished it … “The Shack“. In record time. I devoured this book (by my standards). I’ve had some good private replies from a few of you about your concerns about the “theology” in the book … concerns that are well taken. However, I sincerely believe that if you can approach this book for what it is … fiction … and not try to form (or clarify) theology with it, it’s a must-read.

Even on the “theology” side, there were only a couple of issues that I found. If I were reading the book as a doctrinal supplement, I’d speak to it … but I gained so much from reading this book and much of the other things covered in it. Seldom have I ever read anything (or seen anything for that matter) which caused the tears to flow down my cheeks so frequently. In the “Afterward” they mention that movie producers are already talking about making a movie … and oh, I’d buy the first ticket, hands down.

I wish so badly I could discuss a few of the points in the book that fulfilled me so much, that made my eyes overflow with ears, my heart pound out of my chest, or my insides swell with pride … but I’d rather not ruin it for those who still haven’t read the book.

Well, it’s 10:45 PM EST Sunday evening, July 13 … today was a great day in worship, and I hope to recap that with a Worship Confessional in the AM, but we’ll see.

Good night. How was your weekend?

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8 comments on “Baptism and The Shack

  1. Kevin Perry says:

    Aside from my issues with “The Shack”…..I was very moved by this video interview with William P. Young. It’s at
    click on “all access”…..first video at the top…after the worship segment.

    An amazing testimony….

  2. jon says:

    i’m wondering if our church in ohio could start doing baptismal services down there??? for some reason i don’t think the church would go for it…oh well!

    saw the video interview…it’s some great stuff!!!

    jons last blog post..monday morning recap…

  3. Heather B says:

    love love love the shack. I would be second to buy that movie ticket! 🙂

    Heather Bs last blog post..The Shack

  4. Fred, I found this article VERY helpful in how to think about “The Shack”:

  5. mandy says:

    you’re killin me

    mandys last blog post..Twisted Wednesday 7.16.08

  6. Pastuh says:

    So I have not read “The Shack” yet, but I have heard several things about including interviews on television. Several theologians have stated that the book is Scripturally incorrect. Fred, what’s your opinion on it being Scripturally correct/incorrect?

  7. Fred says:

    Yeah, that stuff is abounding. Here’s the deal … this is a FICTION BOOK. It’s not a doctrine book. It’s not a theology book. It’s not meant to be.

    Yes, there is a LOT of doctrinal/theological stuff presented, but in the context of a story, and a man’s perception of how things are.

    That being said, I’m not NEAR as picking it apart as some. I can only think of one main thing that was presented that I’d say wasn’t accurate … that having to do with the heirarchy structure in the Trinity, etc … though, the essence of what was communicated was more about relationships … mutual respect and love, and not “heirarchy” in my opinion.

    I think anyone should be able to read this and objectively glean from the incredible experience of reading it, and not try to form a doctrinal statement out of it.

    I mean … c’mon folks … how many of the sitcoms that you watch on TV are giving accurate “doctrine”? If you read this ONLY for the pure entertainment, it’s worth it. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride … be prepared to have your heart thrown all around … but it’s worth it, IMHO.

    For the Kingdom,

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