Loops – Hosanna by Paul Baloche

Hey Everybody,

I spent the entire day (well, except for a couple of hours around lunch time for worship and prayer) in my studio today creating my “first official loop” for use in corporate worship.

The loop is to “Hosanna” by Paul Baloche and Brenton Brown.  I’ve loved this song since I first heard it a couple of years ago but have yet to incorporate it into personal worship.  I haven’t even owned it until I bought the CD yesterday.

I’d like to introduce this to our congregation on Sunday but thought the added loops and synth would give it a bigger sound.  So, here’s my first stab at making loops.

A couple of program notes:

  1. I couldn’t lock into the tempo on the album (A Greater Song) for anything – it was somewhere between 112-114 bpm.  I wanted it a little bit faster so created my loop at 118 bpm.
  2. There is a 4-bar countoff, then a 4-bar intro where the acoustic guitar should come in.
  3. I cut the electric guitar solo in the middle of the song in half.  Instead of a full pass through the Chorus, I only did a half chorus (8 bars) plus the sustained 9th bar.  Don’t shoot me electric players – I’d love to have the full solo, but I’m trying to balance the solo time so that my congregation stays with us.

There are two three versions.  Click is in the Right Side, but the Voice version adds vocal instructions in the South Georgia Redneck accent that only I could bring.  Download links are now available – if you download, all I ask is that you leave a comment below, letting me know.

Hosanna – 118 bpm with click and voice instructions:

(download with click and voice instructions)

Hosanna – 118 bpm with click

(download with click only)

Hosanna – 118 bpm with no click or voice instructions

(download – no click or voice)

abletonNow Available – Ableton Live Set

Download (267 MB – .zip format)

Updates since first published:
1.  added third version with no click or voice instructions
2.  re-bounced click and click with voice – I realized that by stopping the song right after the last note (so avoid hearing extra clicks) I’d chopped off the delayed synth which is on a 188 bpm delay, matching the tempo, which should sustain for about 3 counts.

Bar/Measure Map:
m. 5:  4 bar intro (bring in acoustic, drummer’s HH)
m. 9:  Verse 1 (Praise is rising …)
m. 33:  Chorus a
m. 41:  Chorus b
m. 50:  Verse 2 (Hear the sound of …)
m. 74:  Chorus a
m. 82:  Chorus b
m. 91: Instrumental Solo (only 8 bars, plus 1)
m. 100:  Pre-Chorus (when we see You …) – instruments out
m. 108:  Pre-Chorus (when we see You …)
m. 117:  Chorus a
m. 125:  Chorus b
m. 133:  Repeat Chorus a
m. 141:  Repeat Chorus b
m. 150:  4-bar Instrumental Vamp
m. 154 – Hosanna (4x) to end

Ok all you loopsters … suggestions, comments, feedback?

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68 comments on “Loops – Hosanna by Paul Baloche

  1. FUN!

    I’d get a better feel without the BEEP beep beep beep in it, though.

    I’m sure y’all will rock out on this. Seriously. I’m jealous!

    mandythompsons last blog post..Responsive Reading Requests

  2. Fred says:

    Thanks, Mandy –
    Maybe I should also post a version w/ no click at all, huh?

  3. Alastair says:

    What did you use to create the loop?

    Alastairs last blog post..NHC Set List – 4/5 Oct 2008

  4. Tyler says:

    I wonder if the voice commands will throw any of the vocalists or musicians off. We used some loops this past weekend. The hardest part of to make sure that each musician (not just the drummer) sticks with the tempo. They have to have it up loud in their ears for sure.

    Tylers last blog post..Do You Dress Up For Church?

  5. fred says:

    alastair, I used ProTools. The main loop is the Stylus RMX plugin.

    tyler – only the drummer will get the instructions and maybe acoustic. Everyone else will just follow along . . . hopefully!

  6. Jon Morris says:

    the loop sounded pretty balanced cranked in my office…
    what key is it in A or G?
    can you post it with just the voice click in, no directions? bc if you do we’ll use it here in the Fort. Our church loves this song.

  7. Kyle says:

    Great job Fred. I’m glad you’re joining us loopsters. I like the mood of the keys a lot and the percussion loop was cool as well. I like to introduce something different on a repeated chorus or instrumental so maybe you have some room there, but that’s just a style choice so, no wrong or right to that. Your vocal instructions are nice I’ve gone back and forth on whether to implement that. Have chosen not to so far, may change though because I liked hearing your sweet voice 😉

    Will you be using Ableton to run it live? You triggering or drummer?

    Kyles last blog post..10 Commandments of Blogging: How many do you break?

  8. Jay Sellers says:

    Sounds great, Fred, assuming the BEEP is only panned into the IEMs. I’m excited about playing along with it.

    Jay Sellerss last blog post..Elevate Set for September 30, 2008

  9. Jim Drake says:

    great job….good to hear old fred again

    Jim Drakes last blog post..Glory Be—I’m In Glorieta!

  10. Matt Walton says:

    I think it sounds great and I love that song as well!

    Matt Waltons last blog post..We Need Each Other

  11. Very helpful. Thanks Fred.

  12. @Tyler – You don’t have to have all the musicians stay with the click. Most won’t hear it. The idea is that the drummer & leader stay with the click and everyone else stays with the drummer.

    Travis Pauldings last blog post..Get In The Game Intro Video

  13. rhoy pamparo says:

    wouldn’t a click track like this limit you in changing something on the fly during worship? i’m just asking as i’ve never used a click track like this. it sounds very professional though 😉

  14. Fred says:

    @jonmorris – it’s in G. “A” would hit high E’s throughout on the Chorus, a stretch for many in the congregation. I’m not sure what you were asking for – you said “just a voice click with no instructions”? I have a click-only track, and a track with click and voice instructions? I’ve also just posted an update (third version, see above) with no click OR voice instructions, but a measure map.

  15. Fred says:

    Thanks for stopping by – I’d hoped you would, as I know you’ve done some loops. I am a firm believer in adding a layer everytime you repeat something. The reason I didn’t in this loop is because it’s a basic loop – I will have a full band on stage, including drums, myself on keyboards (piano sound or rhodes), bass, two guitars, etc. So, I felt that by adding ANYTHING else in the loop, it would get too busy – especially with the extra guitar riffs Jay will throw in.

    If I continue to develop it as a full “backing track” for Ableton Live (which I feel certain I will), I’ll definitely add those extra things as we progress into the arrangement!


  16. Fred says:

    @jaysellers – yeah, the loop with no click or instructions is going out of the left channel and will be heard in the house. the RIGHT channel will have click and vocal instructions (unless Rick decides he doesn’t want vocal instructions) and will go to my ears, Ricks’, Kims, and maybe yours and bass if you want it – though, I don’t know that you’d require the click or voice instructions at all – you could just hear the regular loop and follow Rick and myself!

  17. Fred says:

    @rhoy – definitely, that’s why the click and/or vocal instructions will only go to a select few people. The rest of the singers, band, etc., will simply follow along.

    I’ll do a follow-up blog today on implementation.


  18. MUCH better without that annoying click. 🙂

    I like it! I think a few run-throughs and the team will be set – you’ve got serious pros up there anyway!

    mandythompsons last blog post..Responsive Reading Requests

  19. Fred says:

    Thanks, Mandy – if you were in the band, I’d make sure you didn’t get the annoying click in your IEM!

    I do have some pros! Only Gary called last night, and he’s in the hospital, so pray for him. Mason can’t play bass either. Chris can’t fill in on bass – he’s got Rush Hour. So, I’m hurting for a bassist. Kimbo and Rick are gonna pull one of their guys from their bands to come fill in, I think – so we’ll be OK. But it just made rehearsal that more interesting … I’m attempting:
    1 – new bassist
    2 – new singer
    3 – two new songs
    4 – one of which has a click track/loop.
    5 – on top of that, I don’t feel so well, and went to bed w/ fever last night. (100, which to men is on the verge of death, as you know … Joy just laughed at me when I said my temp was 99.9, as if to say … “that’s all”?

    urrrgggh. It’s gonna be a late night!
    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  20. beth says:

    Fred – sounds good…I’m just beginning to experiment with creating loops and haven’t yet implemented. I’m wondering if maybe sometime next week I could talk to you a bit more specifically about what I’m trying to do…

    Sounds really, really good. We love this song….

    beths last blog post..Wednesdays Are Long Days

  21. Jon Morris says:

    i was talking about just a voice count in, so that everyone know’s where the beginning is. our guys prefer not to have instructions through the song. just a reference on where the song starts….if that makes since. and yeah we do it in the key of G as well.

  22. I like it.

    What I do differently…? I use a different click – wood block/cowbell-ish. Also my “helper track” just counts into sections… no measure counts. “Verse 2 3 4” “Bridge 2 3 4″

    Shoot me an email if you”d like one of my tracks…

    I think its great… much better than my first one… maybe better than my last one! 🙂 lol

    Jason Mayfields last blog post..ClickTracks

  23. Billy Chia says:

    I LOVE it man! Seriously, very cool. There’s just a certain vibe that comes with having an electronic drum loop that I’m such a fan of.

    I also like your logic behind leaving the loop simple to leave room for the on-stage musicians.

    LOVE the southern voice cues.

    Billy Chias last blog post..Keeping it Cool and Collected

  24. Darren says:

    Hi Fred,

    You did a great job with the loop. Question…are you willing to make this available for others, or do you just want to post it to tease those who don’t know how to make the loops? Seriously though…I think the loops sound really good, and I’d love to be able to incorporate some of them into our worship service. Do you know of sites that actually make loops available?


  25. Kyle says:

    Darren, I make my loops available in mp3, aif and rns (Reason) formats. You can check them out here.

    Kyles last blog post..Sunday morning vocal warmups without an iPod

  26. Fred says:

    They are right there for ya – just download away.

  27. Darren says:

    How do I download them??

  28. SM says:

    Yeah, same here. I can only hear them – can’t download.

  29. Kevin says:

    Yeah, at least in my browser(s) I can play them (very cool) but no download option.

  30. Rion says:

    Yeah I would love to download it as well.

  31. Hey Fred
    I am unable to download your hosanna (paul baloche) link as it is set to flash when right clicking on the file. Can you email it to me? I noticed you answered one mate and told him it is available and to download away.

  32. Hey Everybody,
    The download links are finally active, and the Ableton Live file is available. If you download, please just leave a comment and let me know how it works for ya!

  33. awesome man. thanks so much for the hosanna loop!

  34. Pingback: fmckinnon
  35. OSISI says:

    thanks for the loops… the arrangment was inspirational

  36. Bill Horn says:

    For everyone trying to download: just right-click and select “Download Linked File As” or “Save File As” or something of that nature, depending on your browser. Then you can title it how you want and save it where you want on your computer. Hope that helps.

  37. Good stuff!!!

    I’ve been looking for this. And as a country boy that moved to New York, I appreciate the twang. Ha!

    Thanks for the resource. We’ll use it this week. Have a great one!


  38. Hey tried to download the Live file and it keeps saying source file is not available or something. Help? 🙂


  39. Bob says:

    PraiseCharts.com is producing all of their click tracks with the click on the left side. Is there an industry standard?

    1. Travis says:

      I think standard would be click left, tracks right. That is how we typically do it. If you are going to investigate deep into the industry though you will find its more complicated than that. I’ve seen some tracks that are 9 channels with one mono click and 4 stereo sends. It is all really up to how you will need to use it.

  40. Melissa Bethel says:

    I’ve never used loops, but after listening & downloading the ones you have posted here, I’m getting interested! I’d love tips on how to use them. What do you use to run them…a computer/laptop? And I’m guessing you would need in-ears for best use.

    Reminds me of how I used to use the iWorship DVDs back in the day…I’d listen to the count off on headphones then start the count off on my drums on the keyboard. Then we’d have to always use the keyboard fake drums to keep us in sync with the video (we didn’t use any sound off the of the DVDs).


  41. Brndn0515 says:

    Loop sounds awesome man!  Thanks so much for making this available!!

  42. Pipemore5 says:

    Good job! keep the good work brother! I am going to use this on Friday .. you just saved me lots of hours already 🙂

    1. fmckinnon says:


      Sent from my iPad

  43. Glenn says:

    Trying for a tighter band and new sound…thanks for the freebie to test with our band.

    1. fmckinnon says:

      My pleasure – let me know how it goes, ok?

  44. Dan says:

    Hi fred, ive tried using your loop, running it through my drum module, the left output to FOH and the right to my in ears, and also having listened to it from this page, i notice the click and voice instrucions bleed into the left track, how can i eliminate this?

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Are you using iTunes to play it back – there is a sound enhancement setting in iTunes that will cause that — if so, turn that off, and it should be fine.

  45. Brent says:

    Fred, this is awesome.  I was just pulling some set lists together for upcoming services, decided to add Hosanna (we already know it) and actually did a google search to see if I could buy a loop track – boom, there you were.  Have you created other loops?  I would def buy a set of them!!  Thanks and God Bless.

  46. J. Worley says:

    Great loops, these are very helpful as we learn this awesome song!  Thanks for the excellent work!

    1. Thanks a ton! Glad you could find it useful.

  47. Andrew says:

    Thanks for the loop!  This will be our first crack at playing with a drum loop.

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Andrew –
      Awesome, glad you found it. Thanks!

  48. Jacob Winn says:

    Great loop.  I’ve been pulling this song back out of my bag and came across this loop.  Thanks for sharing…great work!!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Thanks, Jacob!
      Fred McKinnon
      email: fred@fredmckinnon.com
      twitter: @fmckinnon
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fredmckinnon

  49. soulpraise says:

    Fred, I certainly appreciate you making this loop. I recently downloaded Ableton and am working that way for other songs. Gives me a good idea how to work. Question: When I downloaded and placed the clips in their tracks, the pads clip a bit. When I turn off ‘warp,’ it settles the issue. Is there something I need to know to fix the pad? Also, my Ableton browser says that ‘Media files are missing.” Anything I should know here?

    Again, thanks! You’ve inspired me!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Hey, sorry for the delay on answering your comment —

      I never use warp … so def turn that off, and set everything to start at measure 0:00:00 (or measure 1.) I think all the media elements should be present?
      Fred McKinnon
      email: fred@fredmckinnon.com
      twitter: @fmckinnon
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fredmckinnon

  50. Zach says:

    I downloaded your Ableton session, and really appreciate the pro quality production and attention to detail. Thanks!!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Thanks! I’m actually using it tonight myself!

      1. Michael Tuck says:

        I am wanting to use it tonight but it doesn’t open in ableton intro because there are too many tracks. Is there a way you could make an intro version. I can only have up to 8 scenes. Either way, thank you for doing this! I really appreciate it!

  51. Michael says:

    Is there a way that you could add a version with the full solo?

  52. Jason says:

    hey man, I really appreciate the fact that you’ve made this download free for everyone. I’ve never used a loop at church before but this weekend will be the first time thanks to you!

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Awesome, glad it could be used!
      Fred McKinnon
      email: fred@fredmckinnon.com
      twitter: @fmckinnon
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fredmckinnon

  53. Rafael says:

    hey thanks for the great sounding loop. is there any chance of getting the loop without the pad sound? so just the beat itself?

  54. Nilesh Barla says:

    thanx a lot Fred… it really helped me…. may God bless you n family..
    ~Nilesh (India)

  55. Kevin Barnett says:

    How does it work feeding into IEM, then the congregation hearing the actual instrumentation?

    1. fmckinnon says:

      You have to send it as a stereo mix to your mixer … and the click/instructions are panned hard left, and track panned far right. The channel that is panned far left is sent to your IEM mix, and the other channel is sent to your house mix.

  56. Kody Antisdel says:

    I realize this is super old, but I’m pretty sure this loop is 116. At least it’s 116 when I put it into Ableton.

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