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My Setlist Review for St. Simons Community Church
Sunday, March 1 2009

Walk-In:  Happy Day
Opening Set:
Blessed Be Your Name
See His Love

Sermon:  Job (part 1 of a 6-week series on Job)

Closing Ministry/Worship:
Blessed Assurance
With All I Am
You Have Made Me Glad

As I mentioned, we started our 6-week series on the book of Job today.  You can view more on the series and hear the messages on the SSCC Site.  (I usually have those sermons posted by Tuesday AM)  Our final set today was more intimate.  We allowed people to come pray, worship, or even VENT to God … we’re focusing on Job, and not so much the question of “why does God allow suffering”, but “is He worth it, and will I still praise Him”.  We did a more acoustic set, I played piano, Kim Dixon played acoustic guitar/vocals, one tenor vocal (Brent), fretless bass (Gary) and RV on congas/djembe … so it was cool to have the laid back groove in the last set.

It was  great day – we didn’t have the huge praise and celebration we saw last week, but the book of Job doesn’t necessarily invite that, does it?  What we did have is altars full of people praying, dedicating, venting, and surrendering … that was worth it all!

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84 comments on “Sunday Setlists #32 – Church Recaps Worldwide

  1. Brad Hafner says:

    Cool Day in God. I hope everyone else did too.

  2. Steff says:

    It sounds like you had a great altar/pray time! Have a great week!

  3. We had a great but crazy day today. Looking forward to everyone’s posts.

  4. Hey I’m #6! We had a great day at Parkhill. Have Fun, Fred!!!

    John 10:10

    1. Jamey,
      ROLL TIDE is never allowed on my site. You risk getting yourself banned. GO DAWGS is perfectly acceptable, and is the more sanctified response. (grin)

      1. B.J. Collins says:

        Are you tolerant of the occasional “How ‘Bout Them Eers?” (We’ve got West Virginia fans in this family…)

      2. B.J. Collins says:

        Are you tolerant of the occasional “How ‘Bout Them Eers?” (We’ve got West Virginia fans in this family…) West Virginia is “almost heaven,” after all…

  5. Hey Fred,

    Sometimes we have to deal with some of the hard questions, such as the ones Job faced.


    1. Randy,
      Agreed – the tension was VERY THICK in the room at moments.

  6. Jim Drake says:

    I’ve got to remind myself not to let people’s outer reactions in worship lead me astray.. sometimes it’s so hard not to internalize their external reactions.. it threw me off today.

    Any one else have that issue?

    1. Jim,
      That can eat us alive – I didn’t deal w/ that today, but I have in the past. I’ve learned it can only drag you down further. Fix your eyes on Jesus!

  7. Dean Lusk says:

    There ya’ be.

    I’m really on the hunt now for THE perfect new songs. I have a few in mind; some that are now basically new classics that we’ve still never introduced, but I’m finding it hard to randomly pick from the new songs I see here and at everyone’s sites.

    If you had to pick THE TWO best new songs of 2008, bar none, I’m interested in what you’d pick, Fred and others…

    Thanks for any ideas, and aga, Fred, thanks for doing this. I was a relative late-comer to the party, but I look forward to it every week!

  8. Dean Lusk says:

    Now I feel like poo. My previous comment is basically a bit of a blog hijack (didn’t mean it that way), but I can’t find where I can delete it.

    1. Dean,
      No worries at all man .. .it’s not about that at all, it’s community here .. though the forums at are a bit easier to ask that type of question (w/o creating a new blog post!)

  9. How crazy is it that we both did Blessed Assurance? Rockin’ that Fanny Crosby! I do love that song, and it crosses generations.

    Hope your Sunday is blessed.

  10. Gary Durbin says:

    love Blessed Assurance.

  11. Dean Lusk says:

    One more thing… Fred, You have a music set both before and after the sermon. Does your on-rotation team miss Sunday School on those days, or do you guys do a small group evening/weeknight format?

    That’s the way I’m moving in our service format, and it’s impacting my team’s morning schedule a bit.

    1. Dean,
      We don’t do “Sunday School” … we do two full services. Our team is encouraged to sit through one full service … and then the other, we typically go out into the kitchen or atrium and eat b’fast. Our “Sunday School” type comes in the form of weekly small groups, and other “discipleship” opportunities.

  12. Posted! On my new blog site! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Looking forward to reading some of your sets!

  13. Jon Morris says:

    the dogs and razorbacks are playing now, we both are pretty bad at basketball this year. i don’t even know if i care who wins. at least we have church to look forward to today. : )

  14. Shane says:

    We hosted a frequent guest musician named Jeff Rohlwing in worship today. He is absolutely fabulous. If you like a great story teller and a talented guitarist check out his website at

    The message was centered around the crown of thorns. Jeff modeled his set list from there.

    It is You
    Fairest/Beautiful Savior
    Nothing But the Blood
    How Great Thou Art

  15. Randy says:

    1. Let the Praises Ring – Brewster
    2. If that don’t make you want to go to Heaven
    3. Blessed be the Name – Matt Redman
    4. I will Rise — from Tomlin’s Hello Love album
    5. God with us — MercyMe
    6. song written by one of our vocalists

  16. I’ll be back after a meeting at work (in the SNOW!!!)

  17. Russ Hutto says:

    Posting mine as I type.

    Good day. Nothing out of the ordinary to report, other than we hit an important topic today that came with lots of challenge and a few action steps. (Continuing in our Elephant in the Room series: this week was Racism).

    Thanks for hosting this Fred!

  18. Eric Frisch says:

    We also had a great response time this morning – although in a very different way. We talked about what it means to give up our jobs to God for Lent and asked folks to write their own “resignation letters” to God. It was very cool.

  19. Viqui Dill says:

    I’m the luckiest girl ever, I lead worship today at 2 different services for 2 different demographics. Big fun both times, and of course, God showed up.

    Super have fun today. Thank you to everyone who frolicked with me, Viqui

  20. Oooh… With All I Am! We haven’t done that one in forever. I love that piece!

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  24. Paul J. says:

    Whoop. There it is.

  25. Chris Burke says:

    my main problem with posting my sunday set list on my site is that i really cant post my true feelings… i know there are people from my church reading my blog on a regular basis, and I dont want to offend… today we did some new stuff.. we incorporated video, and we did some SOLID worship songs, but there are just so many people in our church that just dont get it… when you talk to them they sound like solid christians… they are just to uptight to let go and worship God… many of them stand there staring at the screen blankly, some of them stare at me, with looks of disgust… i just dont know what to do…

    how do you guys get people from a place where they are singing, to a place where they can freely worship God… i just wish these people would get it…

    1. B.J. Collins says:

      Chris! Keep up the good fight, brother, and never be discouraged. Always remember that you are a LEADER among God’s people, and leaders are exposed because of their positions of leadership. Use your gifts to the fullest, have the courage of your convictions, and most of all pray without ending that the Holy Spirit will lead YOU as you seek to give God your very best. Our Father in heaven knows your heart, and he will honor your desire to serve HIM…

  26. Pingback: Scott Magdalein
  27. B.J. Collins says:

    The week started with my FIRST Ash Wednesday service ever! Hard to believe I’m saying that at my age! It was a powerful service, and a busy week of worship and preparations came to a close after four more services this weekend. I shared all about them in my usual verbose way, and I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody else was up to this weekend. It’s great to see things from the perspective of others! Thanks Fred!

  28. Graham says:

    Great start to our new sermon series “STUCK”. Glad to be a part of this Sunday setlists! Always interesting to see what others are doing.

  29. Pingback: fmckinnon
  30. Bobby Gilles says:

    Well, you know the blogroll is steaming along pretty good when I sign up before 8 am EST on Monday morning and we’ve already nearly got 50 participants …

  31. It looks like God had a great day. Thanks everybody.

  32. What a great community…God is working, guys!

  33. Alicia Day says:

    Sunday’s worship songs (03-01-09)

    Two song sets:
    Set 1 (led by Lou Duncan)

  34. Alicia Day says:

    Sunday’s worship songs (03-01-09)

    Two song sets:
    Set 1 (led by Lou Duncan)
    Sing, Sing, Sing
    Your Name (Baloche)
    It is Well

    Announcements and Offering

    Set 2 (I led these)
    My Soul Longs for You (Misty Edwards)
    Holy Spirit Take Control (Among Thorns)
    Consuming Fire (Tim Hughes)

  35. Kyle says:

    Big Sunday this week. Announced new eldership structure to the church, lots of hard work behind the scenes. On the worship front, played the full version of Skeleton Bones for the first time. Also released Hosanna loop on ORS.

  36. A little more “traditional” this week than the usual blend.

  37. Eddy Mann says:

    I’ve been a reader, follower, supporter for a while and have been graced now with the time to contribute.

  38. Matt Stevens says:

    Have a great week, everyone!

  39. Ever had a weird service due to inclement weather? We did. Snow in central Alabama. Wow!

    1. Eric Frisch says:

      Around here (Ohio), it happens all the time! 😛

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  42. YO! I made it… 12seconds – talking about past Sunday worship

  43. A little late this week, but I made it!

  44. Wayne Thomas says:

    Well this is extremely late! Crazy week last week! Just now settling down for a minute. Hope you all had a great weekend!



  45. Rob Petrini says:

    I’m still alive… just been in the process of moving from an apartment to a townhome… fun… not really!!! Great to see so many signing up!!!

  46. Bill Horn says:

    Thanks for continuing this. I’m really encouraged by the sharing among leaders!



  47. Sorry so late. I’ll get it in sooner next time.

  48. I’ve had fun watching the list of worshipleaders grow. Great to see everybody sharing!

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