Sunday Setlists #38 – Easter Encounters #sundaysetlists


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Today people all over the world celebrated the biggest victory of Christian faith – that our God is alive.  Death could not hold Him.  The grave couldn’t contain Him.

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My “Sunday Setlists” for St. Simons Community Church

Wow, what a glorious day.  I think we had at least 500-600 visitors.  I’m guessing we had between 1800-2000 adults this morning – both services were completely packed.  We had an unusual set design, kicking off our series called “Break Free” on fear … our stage set was a dunegon, complete with torches, bars, stockades, shackles and chains.  Not your typical “Easter Lillies” set.

Extended Walk-in Music:
Glory Hallelujah (G) – ole’ school, fast gospel song, led by Harriet
Shackles (Gm) – classic funk/rock groove – Shannon Lewis joined Kim Dixon singing the solo verses and completely tore it up.

Opening Set:
Happy Day (C)  – Tim Hughes (led by Shannon)
For All You’ve Done (E) – Hillsongs (led by Fred)

Second Set:
Mighty to Save (A) – Hillsongs (led by Fred)
Shout to the Lord (A) – Hillsongs (went from Chorus of Mighty to Save directly into the Chorus of “Shout to the Lord”, it was powerful, and gave me chills, led by Fred)

Special Music:
The Glorious Impossible (C) – Carl Cartee (AMAZING SONG)
(led by Shannon)

Sermon:  Break Free, Part 1 (Fear)
(sermon will be available on podcast at later this week)

Closing Song:
In Christ Alone (D) – Townend/Getty (Harriet led)

It really was an awesome day for us, and I’m sure it was for you as well!

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65 comments on “Sunday Setlists #38 – Easter Encounters #sundaysetlists

  1. Posted! Sorry I put it in the wrong post a sec ago! Happy Easter!

  2. Matt Stevens says:

    Happy Easter! Hope today was celebratory for everyone. We had a guest musician on pedal steel, and I’m now convinced it should become a staple instrument in church!

  3. Artie says: 5.. Everyone must still be napping..LOL. Wonderful morning of worship and it’s cool to see what all everyone used as their songs of praise of our creator and savior.

  4. This is the day that it is all about!! Christ is Risen!

    A great morning of celebration in Saskatchewan!

    I was on organ for the hymn “Christ the Lord Is Risen Today” and the congregation drowned me out!

    Have a blessed Easter everyone,

  5. Gary Durbin says:

    How many did Happy Day? Probably a lot…we’ll see.

  6. Russ Hutto says:

    Had a great day! We’re not near any family so we’re kinda just bumming around this afternoon. Which is a good thing because this has been the busiest week in my life.

  7. Good set today, Fred. The only thing I don’t get is how all those folks stayed seated during “Glorious Impossible”. I just couldn’t do it. Hope the people behind me didn’t mind staring at my backside 🙂 At least Tracie joined me!

  8. Man, Fred – I agree with Brooke… I think “Glorious Impossible” is a keeper… we need to do that one corporately soon! WOW. And it was one GREAT Sunday. Hope you had a happy rest of your Easter!

  9. Jim Drake says:

    Hey Fred–looks like you had a good day. Would love to have done the GLORIOUS IMPOSSIBLE.. but we kept it simple.

    Hope you have a great week–recover and renew!


  10. Paul J. says:

    I’m number 15! Booyah!

  11. We celebrated our Risen Lord with all the rest of you! I love bold resurrection praise songs that remind us the victory is in Christ. I was a fitting conclusion to our Good Friday viewing of the Passion of the Christ where we had a first time visitor come to Christ.

  12. Dean Lusk says:

    Posted! Neat that a number of people did “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” today. I expected a couple of more groups to have used “I Will Rise.”

    Great day today! Wish we’d saved “Happy Day” for today. Did it recently, though.

    1. Hey Dean,

      I Will Rise was on the preliminary plan for us this week, until I added up the time for our service. Hard to put 90 minutes of content into a 70 minute service!

      There are so many great songs for Easter Sunday!


  13. Janaki says:

    Happy Easter everyone!

  14. “Oh, happy day”…

    I know quite a few did this great song before I even start looking through these lists, including us 🙂

    Sounds like you had an awesome day at SSCC Fred

    Happy Easter Monday from Australia!

  15. Conner Byrd says:

    Hey Fred! Good stuff man, many of the same songs. I imagine that’s the same for many of us though 🙂

  16. Jan Owen says:

    We had a great day! Come check it out!

  17. Pingback: fmckinnon
  18. Brad Hafner says:

    I hate being late to the party. Oh well, better late than never, I guess. Between the Masters and having to go find some Wisteria for the house….been busy. I’m off to see what everyone else did.

  19. Bobby Gilles says:

    We had 12 baptisms today and a great time celebrating the resurrection at Sojourn. Good times …

  20. Lori Biddle says:

    Man, it has been a long day! I finally am posting – but I’m really far down on the list. Tomorrow I’ll take a look at everyone’s. I have to sleep!!!

  21. Great diversity, Fred! I love it! Happy post-Easter!

  22. Mark Thomas says:

    Too busy to post a Setlist yesterday, but got it up there today! We had an amazing service!

  23. Jeff Miller says:

    Late again, late again….

  24. awesome weekend for us!

  25. Chuck Harris says:

    you are awesome Fred. so are all the rest.
    have a wonderful week.

  26. Pingback: Laura Hairston
  27. Kyle says:

    Wow what a weekend, new baby born Sat morning at 4:15am…jam packed Easter service with a lot of technical complexity. Jesus raised from the dead, salvations…yeah I’m just a bit exhausted. Man I love Jesus.

  28. Tyler says:

    Interesting that there are more posts for Palm Sunday than Easter. Kinda weird. I’ll be back with mine next week!

  29. Hi, Fred

    Looks like there were some common songs across the board this past Sunday.

    Sorry for the double entry. I somehow messed up entering the link in the first entry. Maybe you could take it out?

    Thanks, Chris

  30. Eric Frisch says:

    I’m late getting in this week… went to Grandma’s right after church which means no internet! We had a great service on Easter, although we struggled with a really bizarre tech glitch that sent our click tracks to the house for a moment… never did figure it out. Hoping it was a one time issue!

  31. cosima says:

    It just keeps getting better!

  32. Chris Moncus says:

    Just uploaded pics of Fred and his team at Easter. It was a great service at SSCC!

  33. Fitness says:

    I drink milk to stay fit.

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