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Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the 46th edition of “Sunday Setlists” – the blog carnival where we share our worship service recaps with one another.  We’re in our 46th consecutive week of sharing worship confessionals.

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

Great day of worship today.  I’ll keep my recap short as I’m enjoying some PGA Golf w/ my son on the TV right now.  One of our faithful church members is on the tour and is currently in the running … so we’re excited.

I will speak briefly about something I’m doing this summer – I am intentionally building our worship team each week with at least one of our high school youth or college students.  My desire is to get them plugged in during the summer and to reflect a “multi-generational” approach to worship leading.  This morning I brought in Aaron, a great guitarist and worship leader who helps lead back in the youth group.  Aaron just graduated from high school and I’m excited about getting him involved with us this summer.

Walk In:  “I Have Found” (Kim Walker), led by Kim Dixon
Opening Set:
“Love the Lord” (Lincoln Brewster)
*we used the Ableton Live loop and tracks on this from InteractiveWorshipLive.Com.  I muted everything we had “live” and had the loop, tambourine loop, pads, and 2 additional electric guitar tracks playing along with us … and of course, the click track.
“Glorious One” (Fee) – led by Aaron.
*Aaron did a great job leading into this song by exhorting the congregation .. he talked about how the first line says “we lift our hands”, and encouraged everyone to do it.  Wow, way to go man!

Second Set:
“How Marvelous” (I Stand Amazed) Hymn
*one of my all-time favorite hymns.  After 3 verses, we repeated the Chorus 3x, and on the final time, we had the lighting change so that the house lights came up on the congregation, and the stage lights went down … an idea I had to try and show that it was about them singing, not about them watching us.  We backed off our mics and just let them sing it … and they carried the room with gusto.

“Mighty To Save/The Stand” Medley (Hillsongs)
*love doing this Medley, we sustain the “conquered the grave, and bring it down into the Pre-Chorus of “The Stand” … “what could I say …” and build it up.

Special Sermon Intro:
Well … we did a spoof on “The Adams Family” … thanks to Jim and Deb (coworkers @sscc) for coming up with the lyrics.  We are doing a series called “Heroes” and we focused on the dysfunctional family today.  See if you can hear it:

They’re busy and they’re active
With work and school and practice
They’re very much distracted
The “Average Family”

With FaceBook, Email, I.M.
Instead of conversation
Laptops on vacation
The “Average Family”


So listen as we teach on
Truth’s you’ll want to lean on
So you don’t have to be one
The “Average Family”.

Pretty funny, eh?  I played a harpsichord sound and it got quite a few laughs.

Our closer was “Center” (Tim Hughes) led by Kim Dixon.

That’s a wrap for us.  Time for you to share your worship setlists!  Remember, make sure your URL is the full URL to your blog post, and not your blog’s homepage.  Pretty please.

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58 comments on “Sunday Setlists #46 – Worship Confessionals

  1. Brad Hafner says:

    Sorry I missed last week. Hope everyone had a great time today in the Lord. I know I did!

  2. HL McConnell says:

    Love “I have found” I can’t wait to do that one at our church. Nice set.

  3. Hey Fred,

    Glad to see we weren’t the only ones dusting off the hymnal. “How Marvelous” (I Stand Amazed) Hymn is a great song. It will likely find it’s way into an upcoming setlist at Westhill.

    We had a blast with “Victory In Jesus” this week!


  4. Gary Durbin says:

    I love “How Marvelous”. Powerful worship song. funny spoof…great idea.

  5. That’s funny; and true.

  6. Eddy Mann says:

    Love The Lord… I just pulled that out to use tonight at our youth service. Love the spoof!

  7. Bobby Gilles says:

    LOL — “The Average Family.” I can totally “hear” it to the tune of the Adams Family theme song.

  8. Steff says:

    I love that your getting the youth involved in worship. Awesome! We did “Mighty to Save” and “The Stand” today too :).

  9. Steff says:

    LOVE the Average Family!!

  10. Haha – The Average Family / Addams Family spoof is brilliant. And love that you’re intentionally bringing the youth on board this summer Fred.

  11. Fred, you ROCK!! 🙂

  12. Looks like a great set – and I LOVE the spoof! Unfortunately I can relate all too well…

    We did How Marvelous last week – LOVE that song!

  13. bn says:

    1st set –
    Give You the Glory (original-fast tempo)
    In the Sanctuary – Kurt Carr
    God of Wonders – Mark Byrd

    2nd set – offering –
    What a Friend we have in Jesus(first verse of Hymn – Converse)/Friend of God – Israel Houghton
    Because of Who You Are – Martha Munizzi

    Communion –
    Jesus, Name Above All Names – Naida Hearn

    We usally sing a Congregational song – “Glory, Glory” (Spiritual) after Communion. But today the Pastor instead took up aspecial offering for one of the Praise Team members who was going to China for the summer….

  14. LeAnn Thomas says:

    Fred, I’m LOVIN’ the idea to make the worship team multi-generational!

    We also did Love the Lord. I think it’s awesome how 2 different churches might do the same song, but they make it their own, using each team’s unique creativity and resources.

  15. Jon Morris says:

    thoughts on worship discipleship:

    new original song, We Will Go. check it, let me know what you think:

  16. Marcus Lynn says:

    Awesome Addam’s family re-do!

  17. Pingback: fmckinnon
  18. Pingback: fmckinnon
  19. Justin K says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the Average Family- I can totally hear that.

    I have Found is a great song- I can’t wait to sing at FCC

  20. Fred – Once again, thanks for getting us together each week!

    Several takeaways from your post today:
    – incorporating youth. We/I need to do this at my church!
    – Planning the lighting with a purpose!


    1. Fred – Forgot…The Adams Family intro sounds like it was a hit!

  21. The Average Family is a riot; I just sang it to my wife with no problem. I guess I watched the show to much as a kid!!! Creative intro to the sermon.

  22. Jim Drake says:

    Here ya go. What a day—amps that don’t work and all….

    Love the Average Family.. I may pull a @Loswhit and steal it!

    Looking forward to KC!

  23. Lori Biddle says:

    finally got back in the house to post following my daughter’s CD release show! Exhausted but great day!

  24. Pingback: Randy Neufeld
  25. Janaki says:

    I’m in! Check out my recording of one of the songs from the morning – I’m curious if anyone knows who arranged the hymn we did this morning. It’s a mystery!

  26. Pingback: Ronnie Burgess
  27. Jeff Miller says:

    Music camp starts today! Woooo!

  28. Jen Kerr says:

    I am also really loving “How Marvelous” It seems like such a great connector for people!
    Have a sweeeeet week!

  29. Kyle says:

    Great to see you getting the younger kids involved. Do you closely mentor any of your young musician’s?

  30. Eric Frisch says:

    Just posted ours – we had a different, but good one yesterday!

  31. Thanks, Fred! We had a great Sunday with a guest Jazz band opening up the service… check out my post for a video…

  32. Glad to be back after a couple of crazy week of moving!

  33. Ellen says:

    what a creative idea with the stage lights on “I stand Amazed” I’m looking forward to trying that song someday soon!

    1. Tami Hoban says:

      Great sets, Fred! I’ve been wanting to add in I Stand Amazed soon. It’s a gorgeous hymn. Thanks again for doing this blog carnival. It’s fantastic. 🙂

  34. I posted a question in my blog about how to do a good acoustic service. I would love to hear your feedback.

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