Summer Scheduling in PlanningCenterOnline?

picture-4Well, it’s clearly Summer.

In 2+ years serving as the Worship Pastor here at SSCC, this is without a doubt the toughest week I’ve ever had in scheduling a worship band.

For those who are not familiar with PlanningCenterOnline.Com:

The red exclamation points mean they were scheduled to play, but canceled or declined.
You don’t even SEE the people I didn’t even attempt to schedule because they are already “blocked out” as unavailable on the scheduler.

The green checks are those who happen to still be around.

This could be one stripped down Sunday … and that might be a VERY COOL THING.

Do you have Summer Scheduling woes?

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12 comments on “Summer Scheduling in PlanningCenterOnline?

  1. I have a math equation for you:

    Mandy + Airplane = THERE

    1. Mandy, I sure would if I could, you know it!

  2. Jennifer says:

    You have more people around than I do for the 28th… I get 1 guitar.

    Doncha just LOVE Summer? 😉

  3. Anyone here know of a route cheaper than planningcenteronline??? We’re looking for something, but “the boys” (board) say this is too expensive.
    Anyone? Maybe even a script that we can run on our own host??

    Lemme know.


  4. Kip Arnold says:

    We just ran into this very same thing, with this week’s schedule. Having to pull the drummer up to play bass and the sound guy off the board to play drums!!!!!AGGGHHH!!

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  6. Russ Hutto says:

    If I wasn’t gonna be gone for 2 weeks in a few weeks (Honduras) I’d take the week off and scoot down for a nice Island weekend.

  7. Paul J. says:

    Don’t know what’s more irritating…the people on stage being gone OR the people in the congregation being gone…

    Paul Joseph

  8. Tami Hoban says:

    holy cats, man! you’re not kidding! that’s a sparse week. i think you’re right though, in seeing the silver lining. i have a tough july coming up, for drummers in particular. i’m thinking about just doing a week or two of “coffee house” worship. congas and bongos included. could be cool, and a sort of splash-in-the-face wake up from the monotony of the week-in, week-out for all of us!

    worship that’s loose and not formulaic. quel concept extraordinaire! 🙂

  9. Mark Jaffrey says:

    Fred, mate, you don’t even want to know what it’s like here. We cut back to three services because so many people are away, many of them for at least a month, if not two months. I am in England for the month of July, and only have one experienced worship leader to cover for me, and she can only do two weeks out of the four.

    I have no piano players, no drummers and no sound guys. I have three people who have volunteered to run Media Shout, but who have never done it before, and have just recruited two more acoustic guitarists as my worship leader doesn’t play an instrument.

    There are three other people who have said they will lead, but none of them have ever done it before – it’s quite a gig for an untested worship leader, several hundred people per service in 100 degree heat with humidity.

    Still, God is in control, and the “crisis” is bringing some talented people out of the woodwork 🙂

    I too could do with a cheaper version of Planning Centre Online as normally we have over 30 people involved in worship teams…

    Hope you’re taking a break this year?

  10. Mike says:

    Being a small church, this gets to be an issue for us from time to time. Especially when there are events. We have a mission trip coming up, which will effectively leave us with two people the first Sunday in August. (Can anyone say “acoustic set?”)

    We can switch around a bit, but basically have one guitar player and one real piano player full time.

  11. kimbontrager says:


    I don’t think there’s ever been a pic on a blog that actually made my stomach flip around. Until today. 🙂

    FEELING your pain, my friend. Did the scaled back thing last week for this very reason and TOTALLY loved it and now am TOTALLY wondering why we ever scaled ‘up’.

    You’re going to have an amazing worship weekend.

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