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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

WOW – we just had an incredible, sweet time of worship during our 1st service at SSCC.  I decided to go ahead and post our recap after the 1st service so I’d have the rest of the afternoon off for Father’s Day – and HAPPY FATHER’s DAY to all you Dads!

Earlier this week I blogged about the frustrations of summer scheduling in PlanningCenterOnline.  As a result, I had a smaller band this week and it was all acoustic.  I jokingly refer to this as the Vineyard/UK day because after I planned the setlist I realized almost all the songs were old Vineyard/UK songs.  Our people didn’t seem to mind – I heard them singing on every song, which isn’t always the case these days.

Two of our college students are back for the summer and I’ve committed to rotating at least one high school or college student on the team each week during the summer as a means of encouraging them and modeling “multi-generational worship”.  Special thanks to Callie Fendig and Mary Margaret Fuller for singing and helping lead our people in worship today.

Walk-in Song:
“Come Now is the Time to Worship”

Opening Song:
“Hallelujah/Your Love Is Amazing”
*we did the new arrangement of this song from Brian Doerksen’s new CD and it’s a fresh, acoustic version with a way-cool groove.  If you want to hear it, check out this iTunes link – and hear this cool new arrangement that breathes live into this older song!

Middle Worship Set:
*I moved to the grand piano for this set, and I always enjoy using that instrument!
“Agnus Dei” (Michael W. Smith)
“Holy, Holy, Holy” (Trad. Hymn)

“Lead Me To the Cross”
*Callie and Mary Margaret did this as a special and it was amazing.  Our arrangement was unique in that we didn’t have the electric guitar parts, so it was much more open with a lot of room – the arrangement really breathed, it had a beautiful, haunting feel to it.  I LOVE IT.  I wish I could record this arrangement – maybe I will!

Part 4 of 4 in the “Heroes” series, “Is There A Man in the House”

“Surrender” (Lincoln Brewster Arr.)

That’s a wrap for us.  Time for you to share your worship setlists!  Remember, make sure your URL is the full URL to your blog post, and not your blog’s homepage.  Pretty please.

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51 comments on “Sunday Setlists #48 – Father’s Day Worship Services – #sundaysetlists

  1. Have a great Father’s Day Fred. And good to see the multi-generational worship happening 🙂

    1. Russ Hutto says:

      Go David #1!

      Good day at HOJ!

  2. Jay Sellers says:

    I’m number two. Yay for me.

    Happy Father’s Day, Pastor McFredster. Way to rock some MWS.

  3. Scott Underwood says:

    Had a great day –

    “To God Be the Glory” (An updated very rhythmic arrangement)

    “Majestic” (Lincoln Brewster)

    “Jesus Messiah”
    “Amazed” (Jared Anderson)

    Finally Home (Mercy Me)

  4. Lori Biddle says:

    Posting our great Father’s Day service before heading to the Saddleback conference! Tune in to see what’s happening with our live bloggin form the conference all next week. Hope to hear from you all! God Bless!


  5. Pingback: fmckinnon
  6. Steff says:

    Yes, you should definitely record your arrangement of “Lead me to the Cross”. I’d love to hear it 🙂

  7. Brad Hafner says:

    Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

  8. Bobby Gilles says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Fred. Yeah, summer scheduling is a beast!

  9. Holy, Holy Holy is great.

  10. Happy Father’s and Grandpa’s day!

    Lot’s of talk around “Intergenerational Worship” and it’s great to see so many rising to the challenge. Although it presents and ongoing challenge, it also brings a great reward!

    Be blessed!

  11. Love intergenerational!
    Happy Father’s Day to all your fathers and those leading families without fathers.
    And Happy Father’s Day to Abba, Father!

  12. Tami Hoban says:

    Great set, Fred! Glad to see the worship worked out so well with the “skeleton crew” you had. “Ai ai ai” to summer scheduling!

  13. Jim Drake says:

    It’s ok to do small and accoustic some times. I moved away from the keys today and led vocally only–it’s a challenge to me because I don’t have the charts with me.

    Great trax today from David our drummer–it just adds so much!

    Looking forward to July!

  14. Jan Owen says:

    i’m back after being absent for a few weeks due to a mission trip out of the country. I’ll be writing this week about how my view of worship leadership is being impacted by all I’ve seen and done so come back all week to read.

  15. Janaki says:

    Got mine posted on time this week!

  16. We had a blast Fred and a cool video of the service, too.

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  18. Pingback: Josh Lange
  19. Dan (@AF7O) says:

    Link to my update on WTR:

    Have a great week–Dan

  20. Jon Morris says:

    I’m in. I’ve uploaded this Sunday’s audio files from worship. Don’t hate on it, it’s just the main mix out, we don’t have any fancy smancy pro tools or post editing stuff. It’s us live and raw.

    Thanks fred.

  21. It’s late, but it’s here! 🙂

  22. Kyle says:

    Real late to the party, past fashionably late, now it’s just awkward. But here I am none the less. I accomplished something I’ve never done before this past Sunday. Broke 2 strings on 2 different guitars during the same set. I laid waste to every guitar in my hands.

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