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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

As expected, our 9:00 crowd seemed a bit light in attendance, as everyone was probably out late celebrating the 4th of July.  The 11:00 was pretty packed.  Powerful services at SSCC today.

unwrapped-series-homeWe’re on Week #2 of 7 in our “Unwrapped” series – a teaching series explaining salvation and what exactly it’s all about.  Today’s message focused on the wonderful news that God declares us “not guilty” and “righteous” by his sacrifice.  We are justified freely by grace through redemption that came through Jesus Christ.

David talked about the scapegoat, and how the priests would put their sins on the scapegoat and lead it out of town.  We’re reminded of our Sacrifice, Jesus Christ, who was led out of town, down a road, and sacrificed for us.

At the conclusion of the sermon, David picked up a huge cross and picked up a hammer and started driving nails in that cross – reminding people that their sins were nailed to the cross.  Then in a dramatic close, he carried the cross off the stage, down the center aisle, and out the doors – with his mic still on, speaking  as he went … “your sins were nailed on the cross, and the scapegoat was led out of town” … the room flooded with light when they opened the double front doors as he left the room, and darkened again as they closed.  From outside, you hear him say “your sins are gone”.  Powerful.

Here’s how we setup this service:

Walk In:  “I Have Found” (Kim Walker)
Opening Song:  “See His Love”

Announcements:  we had brief announcements, and prayed for our nation, recognizing our civil holiday, July 4th.  As David closed the prayer, Kim Dixon sang “God Bless America” with just piano/strings.  It was a free-flowing, slow version and by the 3rd line, people were on their feet, singing aloud, asking for God’s blessings on our nation.  There has been quite a discussion about this on my recent “Do You Sing Patriotic Songs in Worship” post both here on the blog and on TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

Consuming Fire (Tim Hughes)
Transition:  spoken transition communicating God’s love for us (1 John 4:10)
Special:  “How He Loves Us”

I’ve alluded to how David closed out the sermon above.  As he left the building, we gave a brief pause and slipped on stage to sing the closing song while people were coming forward to the altar:

Closer/Altar Ministry:  “O The Wonderful Cross”

It was a powerful morning.  I’m sure that people experienced the message of salvation and justification by faith in a way that they’ve never quite realized.  It’s a great honor to serve here along with so many creative, Spirit-led people.

That’s a wrap for us.  Time for you to share your worship setlists!  Remember, make sure your URL is the full URL to your blog post, and not your blog’s homepage.  Pretty please.

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47 comments on “Sunday Setlists #50 – Worship Service Recaps

  1. Lori Biddle says:

    I’m in shock! I’m first!

    Had a great weekend as far as our teams preparation and excellence. But, brutal attendance! Wonder where everyone goes on holidays?

    Anxious to see all the creative elements you all used too!

    God Bless your week!

    1. Lori Biddle says:

      Fred – your service looked extraordinary! Cool!

  2. Eddy Mann says:

    Wow, what a moving image of the cross and salvation. Vacationing but still posting a little later.

  3. Sermon sounded great!
    I love “Consuming Fire.”

    I’m so glad it went well for you!

  4. Pingback: fmckinnon
  5. Jan Owen says:

    Hi Fred, We had a good morning at church this morning despite me still having somewhat of a “Flu hangover”. I just feel quite ditzy and blurry mentally after having the flu a week ago and so I didn’t feel on top of my game……but things went well nevertheless.

  6. MandoRon says:

    Fred – the service sounds great with some awesome music

  7. Echoing the above – the service sounds great indeed, especially that dramatic and powerful conclusion!

    What a way to celebrate the freedom God has granted the nation 🙂

  8. Gary Durbin says:

    Consuming Fire is on my to do list. Love that song.

    1. What a great weekend we had!

  9. Pingback: Josh Lange
  10. Bobby Gilles says:

    50 editions of Sunday Set Lists. The big 5-0. And I think I’ve been along for all of them. This is always one of the cool things about my work week.

  11. Jen Kerr says:

    Why am I blogging my worship orders…. Fred made me do it!
    Check out all the other worship order bloggers at Fred’s.

  12. Kyle says:

    Good service, but I’m anxious to head off on my week vacation to pray and hopefully get some revelation on what the next steps are worship wise for this church. Our body needs to grow.

  13. Pingback: fmckinnon
  14. Jeff Miller says:

    Howdy! I’m back.

  15. Eric Frisch says:

    We had a really great service yesterday… great music & message!

  16. Pingback: Isaac G
  17. LeAnn Thomas says:

    Better late than never, I always say. 🙂

    Great worship and message this last Sunday. Thanks, everyone for posting yours. Enjoying looking through them!

  18. Fred – Thanks for doing this. I hope you keep it up for 50 more. It really makes a difference to those of us who live in smaller towns. It helps us connect to people from around the world. I can’t thank you enough for maintaining this site and keeping this carnival rolling. See you at NWLC in a couple of weeks.

  19. tom cottar says:

    keep it up! Lot’s of creativity flowing around these days… what a great way to communicate the gospel!

    I’ve been experiencing WordPress issues, so some notes here about our worship Sunday:
    Walk In: Igniter Video (The Crowd or the Cross). After the video faded out, the band picked up and tagged ‘The Wonderful Cross’, then transitioned into Romans 12:1 (Agnew, I think..)

    After a brief couple of announcements, we then picked back up with I Am Free (Jon Egan) to connect the civil holiday with our greater freedom in Christ, along with a guitar-driven arrangement of Crown Him with Many Crowns.

    Before the sermon (A Call 2 Fall), we slowed the tempo with McMillan’s How He Loves and tagged part of ‘Crown Him’ with the melody of ‘How He Loves’… it was great in rehearsal, but I’m not sure it translated well to the congregation.

    We closed with I Will Sing (original). Because our pastor was on vacation the previous week, we weren’t able to do our usual planning. although I felt a little disjointed, people were obviously moved and decisions were being made….

    it reminded me to never underestimate the Spirit! Next week is communion—I’m VERY excited about our planning in the next few days!

    thanks for all you do!

  20. I’m in! Great to see how God is working through His Church. Have a great week everyone.


  21. Jon Morris says:

    up late, but i’m here.

  22. Very late to the party this week. But since I haven’t joined in for a few months anyway, I figure it didn’t matter.

    1. Hey buddy,
      Better late than never!

  23. Jay Sellers says:

    Maybe I can be the last commenter!

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