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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

I enjoyed the opportunity to lead worship in our main services again at SSCC today.  I spent most of the week scrambling to assemble a band and finally got a full band pieced together by the morning of rehearsal.  Turns out we all worked well together and I had lots of comments after church about how much people enjoyed the music today.  I can’t be grateful enough for the depth and quality of volunteers who are willing and able to serve at our church.

We ended the day with an incredible baptism service where I was honored to baptize my oldest two boys, Jon Michael (9) and Will (7), followed by a celebration party at our house with our family, both sets of grandparents, and other members of the family.

One of our elders had the sermon today and he was quite proactive in giving us his topic and notes – and even had suggested songs as much as a month out.  I integrated several of his suggestions which helped to bring our people into a glorious time of worship that was a real compliment to the Word.

Walk In:  “Glory to God” (Fee/Beeching)
Opening Song:  “Meet with Me”
Second Set:
“Lead Me to the Cross”
“Revelation Song”
Closing Set:
“I Want to Change” (Special, song by Russ Taff, requested by our Speaker).  Thanks, Amy, for learning a tough song last minute and owning it!

It was a great day … and a memorable one.  I’m off the stage again this coming weekend to celebrate with family once again at the wedding of my older sister.

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53 comments on “Sunday Setlists #58 – Worship Service Recaps

  1. Baptisms are always a great thing; especially when they are your children!!! How exciting to be able to do the baptism yourself. Congratulations!

  2. Gary Durbin says:

    we did “Glory to God Forever” as well. New favorite tune.

  3. danieljohn says:

    Fred – what an awesome experience for your sons and for you as a father!! My son has been wanting to be baptized lately, and unfortunately I was out of town with our band the last time our church was having baptisms. This makes me look forward to having this experience with my son. Great set too!!

    1. Brad Hafner says:

      You know I’m a big fan of the Harold Forbis action figure, right?! Man! Those were some good times. I still watch that Christmas video.

      1. Brad, it was a wild holiday season, for sure! I need to get a copy of the video. I keep track of you on Facebook and through Fred’s site – sounds like things are going well.

  4. HL McConnell says:

    Can’t wait to introduce “Glory to God forever” to our community. Thanks to you those on here that are doing it I found that song! 🙂

  5. WOW! How wonderful that you had the blessing and honor to baptize your sons!

  6. Had a GREAT Sunday, tried out Matt Maher’s “Great Things” and as the video shows I had malfunction on the strap. 😉

  7. MandoRon says:

    Input a month out? I wouldn’t know what to do… We had an offering song axed Saturday afternoon, and replaced with a video. Nothing like last minute planning/communication.

    Looks like a great setlist. Russ Taff even.

  8. Ain’t it just the way, to have to piece together a worship team on a week where you had a month’s notice on one of the songs!

  9. Brad Hafner says:

    Sorry I’m late! Is this party still going on?

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  11. Jeff Honnold says:

    Fred – love reading yours and others worship recap – thanks for doing this.

  12. Steff says:

    Finally made it this week.

  13. Pingback: Apostle Gammage
  14. Russ Hutto says:

    Last official day at HOJ yesterday. Went great.

  15. Got it in before Tuesday! Yippee!

  16. Bj Collins says:

    We finally rolled out REVELATION SONG this weekend at Central Highlands and Homestead Park. I resisted the temptation to introduce it until we had female vocalists who were ready to give it the attention it deserves. Definitely one of the best four-chord songs I’ve ever played, and I didn’t do much to change the Gateway Worship arrangement besides the intro and ending. That’s saying something, considering they have around 50 more people on the worship platform than we do!

  17. Hey Fred,

    What a blessing to be part of your sons’ baptisms!

    The hilight for me this morning was a song that we’ve sung so many times. Today we sang “Shine Jesus Shine”, but we slowed it down about a third and sang it as a prayer. We rediscovered the words and the message of this song. Jesus truly is the light of the world!


  18. Kyle says:

    Good service. Played a new song I wrote that’s been a year in the making, sometimes you just gotta pull the trigger and stop tinkering.

  19. Revelation Song! We’re doing it this coming Sunday.

  20. Janaki says:

    Oh- so late! But here’s my post.

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