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Hey Everybody,

Welcome to the 62nd week of “Sunday Setlists”.  Here you find a brief recap of our worship services and links to hundreds of other worship services.

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

Lost+Found-HomeToday we start a new series called “Lost and Found”.  It’s based on the story of the Prodigal Son and from what I’ve heard in our planning/creative meetings … it’s going to be one incredible series.  There’s so much more to this story than the “young prodigal coming home”.

For those who follow my blog regularly, you’ll know I was sick most of the week.  (For those who don’t follow this blog regularly … like, WASSUP WITH THAT??)  I didn’t feel super creative this week but prayerfully considered how to weave our worship around this incredible story of grace and mercy.

We came up with a great setlist of some of our newer material and lots of our “reservoir” songs … songs that have been standards here at SSCC for years.   Our rehearsal was one of the quickest ever … no small relief to a guy who was exhausted and ready to crash.

The familiarity of today’s music was apparent as our congregation lifted their voices loud and strong throughout the entire time we sang.  I love Sundays like this.  Simple … authentic.  In addition, I’ve lost one of my primary electric guitarists so all of a sudden I find myself without the depth I’d like to have on that position.  This week, rather than scramble for a guitarist, I opted to keep things more acoustic.  Our band was:


I think it sounded good and felt very natural.  The songs were:

No Other Name (Todd Fields, Northpoint Live)
Your Grace is Enough (one of my all time favorites, a classic for us now)
I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous) – great hymn
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – kept in lower key of E, perfect flow from I Stand Amazed
Hosanna (Hillsongs) – nice arrangement sans electric guitar

Jon Blankenship (our Youth Pastor) filled in for Pastor David Yarborough this week and did a fantastic job opening up the series.

Our closer was an appropriate song that really brought it all together:
“How Deep the Father’s Love” (Stuart Townend)

I did this from the grand piano … David did a great job picking on acoustic and the vocals were strong.  It was sweet!

That’s a wrap for us.  Now it’s time for YOU to share.

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46 comments on “Sunday Setlists #62 – Share Your Worship Service Recaps

  1. Lori Biddle says:

    Sounds strong Fred – hope you’re 100% by next weekend!

  2. Gary Durbin says:

    Hey Fred…great set.

  3. Brad Hafner says:

    I missed last week. I feel like such a heathen! Great to be back.

  4. Jim Drake says:

    Brad–I missed last week too–posted but forgot to link.

    Fred–hope you are feeling better and back to the good life this week.

    Thanks for your faithfulness!

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  6. Bj Collins says:

    Rethink church? Rethink? YES… That’s the idea. The United Methodist Church is rethinking church, and today Pastor Rich challenged each of us to be the “Uncommon Church.” The series reflects the “10 Thousand Doors” campaign currently underway ( and we are focused on how Jesus Christ is the door to heaven, and we, His church, are the door for others to find Jesus.

  7. The more acoustic set sounds refreshing Fred.

    We’ll be having one of those in a couple of weeks when most of our band is away at youth camp – I’m looking forward to a very different day!

  8. Fred, sounds like a God-filled morning in your place. Hope you can rest some this week, and get back up to full tilt. God bless.

  9. Sometimes simpler is better. Those were great songs to choose from.

    Hey do you have the chords for I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)?

    How Deep the Father’s Love for Us is also a great song. 😀

  10. Pingback: fmckinnon
  11. Russ Hutto says:

    Been a few weeks! But I got to lead this week at my Dad’s church so I thought I’d share.

  12. Just posted our setlist, too. Fred, your Sunday Setlists site may be referred to, or linked to, in Worship Leader magazine. It’s on their site now. I won a little contest for submitting your setlist from the last week. I just sent them a list to my blog, and in my blog I referred to this Sunday Setlist site. Just so you know… Here’s the link to that page:

  13. Pingback: Brad Hafner
  14. Ben Wray says:

    Here’s our setlist for this week.

  15. David says:

    Thanks for setting this up, it’s great to see what others are doing – for encouragement and for ideas that we can use as well!

  16. Pingback: fmckinnon
  17. Pingback: Ryan Rotman
  18. Bobby Gilles says:

    “Your Grace Is Enough” is one of my faves, too. And we love “How Deep The Father’s Love For Us” at Sojourn.

  19. Was a good weekend for us! Finally a VIDEO this week. Take care.

  20. Pingback: fmckinnon
  21. Great week at LCC! Glad to be back here with you all!

  22. Great Week.

    Jesus Paid It All
    You Never Let Go
    O Great God

    check out our demo of O Great God!

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