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Hey Everybody,

Here we are – the 67th consecutive week of “Sunday Setlists” – the blog carnival where we share our songs, creative elements, sermons, and recaps of our worship services.

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My Worship Confessional for SSCC

It was great to be leading again at SSCC this morning – by first time leading a full worship service in a few weeks.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with the GA/FL game, Halloween, and Daylight Savings Time happening on the same Saturday prior to the services.

The 9:00 AM service was packed and was quite lively.  This was a big surprise for me.  The 11:00 AM service was also pretty packed; though they came in a good bit later.  They also TOTALLY ignored my invitation to stand and sing along on the end of the “walk-in” song – so much that I’m pretty sure that my vocals weren’t up enough in the house mix for them to understand what I’m saying.  I’ve never had the entire room just ignore me when I say “let’s stand and sing” …

Walk In:

“When We All Get to Heaven” – my own rendition of this song with a funky/jazz groove all the way through 4 verses, ending with a campmeeting style, double-time chorus!

Opening Song:
“You, You Are God” (Walker Beach, my arrangement as recorded on “Worship Under the Stars”)

Middle Set:
“Glorious Impossible” (Carl Cartee, heard this song at the re:create conference this year and fell in love with it.  It’s the 2nd time doing it)
“Amazing Grace/My Chains Are Gone” (a favorite and standard)
“You Gave Your Life Away” (Paul Baloche, one of my favorite tunes right now, super sweet and clean)

Sermon: Last week “Lost & Found” – Prodigal Son series … Pastor David (blog) did a great job as always.

Closing Song:
“Home” (Daughtry, a great way to take a well-known secular song and use it for God’s glory … we did tweak a couple of lines in the Chorus)

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42 comments on “Sunday Setlists #67 – Worship Service Recaps #sundaysetlists

  1. When We All Get To Heaven is a great hymn. Chrystal Lewis does a great job on it, too.

  2. Fred, it’s a great feeling to have everyone ignore you, isn’t it? And in church, no less! Sounds like you had a great service – interesting list.

    My setlist is up, video and written post. Hope everybody had a great day!

  3. daniel john says:

    I have not heard “Glorious Impossible”, but I’m going to have to check that out. Looks like a great setlist and I love that Paul Baloche song too – great description….super sweet and clean. That’s how I describe my kids too…ha! 🙂

  4. Lori Biddle says:

    Hey everyone! Thanks for leading for the kingdom this weekend!

    We had a Spirit filled time of worship at Crossroads in Mansfield!

  5. Just posted our setlist for this morning from Bethel Baptist in Janesville.

  6. jan owen says:

    Come read about my time of worship at a Haitian church in the Dominican Republic this morning…..

  7. Jen Kerr says:

    After too long.. I’m back with a post..
    Thanks again, Fred, for connecting worship leaders through your blog!

  8. Just got home from an evening service at Pine Lodge Corrections Center for Women, wrapping up a blessed Sunday!

  9. Jim Drake says:

    We’re going to do Glorious Impossible for Christmas. I may want to get your chart.. are you doing Carl’s chart?

    Have a good week! Hope you make it through the dip! I hit 51 pounds this week! Yipee!!

  10. Pingback: fmckinnon
  11. Dean Lusk says:

    Done! Good to be back in the swing of Sunday Setlists. Wondering how many times I’ve said I need to check out Carl Cartee’s music…

  12. Pingback: Ryan Rotman
  13. Pingback: Heiress T
  14. Eric Frisch says:

    Just posted our set list from CenterPoint… we had a great time of worship!

  15. Joel Natalie says:

    The setlist is up…another sweet weekend of worship! God bless!

  16. We had a great sunday with a new original song and we’ve got a demo for it!

  17. Jon McKanna says:

    i’m curious to see if any other churches have made provisions for H1N1…we had to do so for our communion…now using all in one, pre-packaged elements…most likely passed out at the door as people enter the service…instead of everyone touching the tray and passing it on…

    BTW…great song by daughtry!!!

  18. Kyle says:

    Had a funny thing happen this Sunday, messed up my in ear monitor pack battery rotation. Pack died 30 seconds into the first song…

  19. Bj Collins says:

    My voice is still in recovery mode from the weekend, but it was a fun one. FIRST, 70×7 begun recording our new cd with our new lineup, and the first song is now in the final touches stage. It’s called “THE POWER OF PRAYER.” You can listen to the first mastered version here:

    I would appreciate any feedback on this song, especially from a production standpoint.

    The new lineup includes my 17-year-old son Bo on bass guitar, and his best friend Zac (also 17) on drums. Chuck Beatty is doing the guitar work. We have 50 more fully-developed songs to record!

    On Saturday night, it was Pastor Appreciation day at Central Highlands, so we finished off the service with the old Bill Withers song, “Lean On Me.” I really enjoy it when the whole congregation is called forward to the front of the church.

    On Sunday morning, we continued to astound the congregation at Homestead Park Church at all three services, continuing our quest to do something “new and different.” The reaction the first weekend was amazing, and it was good this weekend too. We will continue to change it up so nobody can get comfortable!

    I played a couple of new “specials” on Sunday, plus one of my original songs entitled “Children of Light.” The new specials played for the first time at the church were Casting Crowns’ new hit song, “Until The Whole World Hears,” (the album comes out November 17) and Chris Tomlin’s “Made To Worship.” Both of these songs are going to make it into our rotation. The Casting Crowns song might be the best thing they’ve ever done, but I had to play it as a BALLAD on piano! (surely not what they had envisioned with that one…)

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