How Russ Hutto Saved FredMcKinnon from Death

Well .. maybe not Fred McKinnon … but FredMcKinnon.Com.

Earlier this week I was talking with my friend Shannon Lewis.  I told Shannon that I was considering a new blog called “In Memory of FredMcKinnon — .Com”.  It would be my last planned post here … I’d leave the blog up for archive purposes … but frankly, I was discouraged.  Seems that the bulk of community that happened here on the blog has gone away.  No comments, no discussions … despite my trying to crank out some authentic content.

So … why keep it up?  I can’t see that anyone is reading or engaging, despite what the Google Analytics and FeedBurner stats tell me.

Then I spend the morning with Russ Hutto.  We makes a comment about how much he’s enjoyed the blog over the last week and asks me about his comment.


You left a comment?

And yes, he did.  Along with you … and you … and you … and you … and many others.  Seems like there is a conversation happening, but I’m not in it?

Apparently, something is broken on my email-comment notifications … and I had no clue.  None, whatsoever.

So, for the time being – I will not retire FredMcKinnon.Com.  It will not die.  There will be no “in memory of” speech today.

Thanks Russ.  Thanks Shannon.  Thanks to you all for the encouragement.  Thanks for the dialog, the comments, and our attempts to get vulnerable and authentic with one another.

Here’s to YOU!

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5 comments on “How Russ Hutto Saved FredMcKinnon from Death

  1. WOW! You have GOT to be KIDDING!

    Fred, that makes me laugh out loud.

    Now, if only I can get some comments once I get my new webpage fully up and running, then we’ll all be happy! (I don’t think mine is a technical problem)


    1. Yeah – funny thing is .. I got no email notice that you’d left this comment … not in my spam or junk folder, nada nothing … only found it by refreshing my page. Stinks. Maybe time to go back to the “intensedebate” plugin?

  2. Russ Hutto says:

    happy I could help.

    I’m out saving the world one blog comment at a time.

    Shannon, are you going to have the option for folks to leave their url when they comment? Please do!

  3. Fred,

    Glad to hear it’s not going anywhere!! Yours is one that I subscribe to and read regularly!


    1. Barry,
      Thanks – yes indeed, I”m happy to hear from you. (and no email notification either, gotta figure that out!)

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