Worship Recap for Sept 30, 2012 – SSCC

Sunday Setlists

Happy Monday everyone!  I’d like to share a quick recap of our music setlist from yesterday’s service as a part of the weekly “Sunday Setlists” event hosted by TheWorshipCommunity.Com.

As you know, I try (try, being the keyword) to post this each week.  There are two main reasons why I think it’s important:

1.  It gives our congregation at SSCC a review of the songs we did and a bit of a behind-the-scenes look at the thought into why we used them.

2.  As a part of the global weekly “Sunday Setlists” event, I’m sharing so that other worship leaders can glean ideas from our service and vice versa.

Sunday, Sept 30

This Sunday kicked off a new series at SSCC called “Covenant, Kingdom”.  This will be a series where we’re asking our congregation to be more immersed than ever before.  In addition to encouraging them to get the “Covenant, Kingdom” book by Mike Breen, we’ll be taking the weekly readings and discussion questions to all of our small groups and online with our Facebook page.

The series is a bit more academic and the topic is broad so I didn’t try to pull specific songs that would perfectly match or reinforce the sermon content.  However, as usual, I found so many lyrics and lines in the songs that completely revealed glimpses of “covenant and kingdom” as we worshiped.

Our walk-in song was a good ole-fashioned, foot-stompin’ version of “I Saw the Light”.  Our bass player brought a banjo and we had a great time doing the song similar to the David Crowder version.

Opening the service was Matt Maher’s “Alive Again”.  Todd, one of our vocalists, owns this song and does it so well.  The song is full of energy and is a faith-filled declaration of our being alive in Christ.

After announcements we had a second set of worship music.  Typically we have more songs here but we only had 2, partly because the arrangements made them slower and longer.

“Revelation Song” (one of our favorites that has become a reservoir for our congregation)
“Holy, Holy, Holy” (after singing “holy holy holy” in Revelation song, what better way to segue into a timeless hymn)

In closing I chose an old Hillsong ballad that has been a staple for us at SSCC for years, “With All I Am”.   I have to confess, I’d not really thought about how much the lyrics of this song would echo the sermon we’d just heard.  We heard a lot about covenant and our identity in Christ, and as we sang “Jesus, I belong to you” … I couldn’t help but smile.

All in all, it was a sweet time of worship.  We had a smaller band with no electric guitar this week.  I’ve learned to not try and force the instrumentation when it’s not there.  I honestly didn’t miss it except on “Alive Again”.

That’s a wrap for this week.  Would love to hear from the rest of you — whether you were leaders of your own services or worshipers in the congregation.  What moved you?  What spoke to you?


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2 comments on “Worship Recap for Sept 30, 2012 – SSCC

  1. Angela Walker says:

    Our church began a denomination-wide 40-day Bible-reading plan called “Engage the Word.” We don’t always do a walk-in song because it seems when we do one & then follow it with family life [announcements], it deflates things & then we start building again. We’re still experimenting, and anyone’s input is very welcome!

    Began with Chris Tomlin’s version of “O Worship the King.” Great high-energy song to get things moving.

    Moved into “Your Great Name.” I was worried that it might be an abrupt transition from the hymn, but worked really well.

    Followed that with “Your Name.” [Paul Baloche], which lead us into a time of prayer. Great song to sing over people praying.

    This was a very powerful set. Our people, lead singers and the congregation, are gradually becoming comfortable with “free singing”, and the last two songs are great ones for providing space for that.

    Then had a soloist do “Word of God, Speak.”

    Our next few weeks are based on the 40-day reading plan, with sermons about different people from the Bible [Moses, David, Jesus, Paul, etc.], so am trying to choose setlists/songs with a mind to that person’s relationship with God – what made their life unusual, and what characteristic do we know about them?

    1. fmckinnon says:

      Sounds like a powerful service. “Your Name” is one of my faves for sure! Fred McKinnon
      email: fred@fredmckinnon.com
      twitter: @fmckinnon
      facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fredmckinnon

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