Prayers at Dawn | Piano Instrumental Interlude [Episode 104, September 30, 2018]

Prayers at Dawn – Piano Interlude My morning prayers began well before dawn on this significant day.   This is the day that I close the book on eleven years of ministry at St. Simons Community Church.   Sunday, September 30th, 2018. Although my alarm was set for 6:30 AM, sleep eluded me and I found myself…

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Seasons Come, Seasons Go (And We Don’t Control the Weather)

Seasons Come, Seasons Go Dear Friends, As many of you have discovered over the past couple of days, I was released from my position as the Worship Pastor at St. Simons Community Church early Monday morning. As I have been saying this week, “Seasons come, seasons go, and we don’t control the weather”! Although I’m…

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Inbox Zero: How I’m Going to Bed with Zero Email

Inbox Zero. I’ve heard that it can exist but never dreamed I’d attain it.   As a musician/composer, church leader, social media user, and entrepreneur, I wear far too many hats to be at Inbox Zero. As you can see from this real screenshot above, I have different email accounts for each role that I’m in.  …

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