Mindful Moments

Mindful Moments, Opus 8 [Episode 262]

“Mindful Moments, Op. 8” – Solo Piano Instrumental Interludes by Fred McKinnon Released October 9, 2021 Today’s interlude is a shorter piano instrumental that is part of my “Mindful Moments” series. This series features piano improvisations that are under five minutes. My wife was talking about some of my instrumental pieces earlier this week. She…

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Mindful Moments, Opus 6 [Episode 258]

“Mindful Moments, Op. 6” – Solo Piano Improvisation The “Mindful Moments” series consists of shorter improvised interludes that I’ve recorded. I don’t always hit the record button with the intention of creating one of these. Sometimes, the melody comes and works its way around the piece and resolves beautifully in a shorter amount of time….

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Mindful Moments, Opus 5 [Episode 255, March 9, 2021]

“Mindful Moments” – Short, Peaceful, Soothing Piano Improvisations Today I’m releasing another improvisation in the “Mindful Moments” series. These instrumentals are shorter (less than 5 minutes) and perfect for a short respite during your day. Thanks to everyone who reaches out to me with emails and social media posts and messages. It always encourages me…

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