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Majesty | Solo Piano Instrumental [Episode 261]

“Majesty” – Solo Piano Improvisation Instrumental Music for Prayer, Meditation, Relaxation, and Rest Hello friends, I absolutely love the Fall Season. By far, it’s my favorite. I was able to spend some time in the studio this morning to share this improvisation. The piano music is in the Key of Dm and the accompanying video…

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Sabbatical | Episode 260 (August 24, 2021)

“Sabbatical” – Piano Instrumental Interlude for Prayer, Meditation, Relaxation Dear friends, I’m back. In case you didn’t notice, I haven’t released a new recording of my interludes through this “Worship Interludes Podcast” in nearly two full months. I basically took the entire Summer off. It was not planned. And although I’m calling this interlude “Sabbatical”…

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Mindful Moments, Opus 7 [Episode 259]

“Mindful Moments, Op. 7 – Solo Piano Instrumental Improvisations” Today’s interlude is another shorter interlude from the “Mindful Moments” series of piano improvisations. These shorter improvisations are perfect for a short pause in your day for moments of prayer, meditation, reflection, and peace. Recorded in the Key of G Listen to “Mindful Moments, Op. 7”…

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