Sunday Setlists


What is Sunday Setlists?

“Sunday Setlists” is a blog carnival that exists to network worshipers who wish to share about their worship experiences each week.  From Worship Leaders, Pastors, Techs, and Attenders – we share a recap of what is happening in our worship services.  This is a great way to catch a glimpse into what other ministries are doing. What is the sermon series, what songs are you doing, which arrangements, and how is the flow?  A while back there was a trend called “Worship Confessionals” – a video recap of our worship services, which started with Carlos Whittaker over at RagamuffinSoul.Com.  This is a continuation on this concept – though we welcome video worship confessionals as well as written worship service recaps.

A few critical points:

  1. You don’t have to be the worship leader – we welcome and encourage service reviews from everyone!
  2. If you are the leader, but weren’t leading on a given week – please continue to post – your perspective “off-platform” is crucial!

How To Participate?

“Sunday Setlists” is ideally setup for people who blog; however anyone can participate.  If you don’t have a blog, you can leave your recap in the “comments” box of the weekly “Sunday Setlists” posts at FredMcKinnon.Com.  You can also post on social networking sites, such as FaceBook Notes, Virb, MySpace, ShoutLife, or WorshipTheRock blogs.

  1. Write a blog entry about what happened in your worship services.  Consider sharing the setlist, such as songs, sermon topics, creative ideas, and any other elements (liturgial, arts, drama, video, media) that you’d like to share.  Be honest – what happened, what didn’t happen.  What worked, what needs work?
  2. In your blog entry, you must link back to the current week’s “Sunday Setlists” post.  By doing this, those who read your blog or note will click over to the main “Sunday Setlists” entry over at FredMcKinnon.Com where they can see the outbound links to other “Sunday Setlists” blogs and recaps.
    (Note:  don’t link to, rather, link directly to the actual post URL, which will be listed in the main entry)
  3. Fill out the “Mister Linky” box at the bottom of the “Sunday Setlists” post at FredMcKinnon.Com with your Name and the full URL to your blog entry.  Do not link to your blog’s homepage – link directly to the actual article.  (your link should look like “  …. not “”, or “”, etc).  Homepage links (that don’t include the actual entry’s URL) will be deleted from the Mister Linky.
  4. Leave a comment and then spread the word – visit the other sites and learn what others are doing.

How Can I Spread the Word?

  1. First, your blog IS spreading the word.  By participating, all of your readers are learning about “Sunday Setlists”.  In addition, the hundreds (or thousands) of people who visit the “Sunday Setlists” posts at FredMcKinnon.Com will see your link back to your blog.
  2. Twitter – please use Twitter to share your post.  When tweeting, please reference #sundaysetlists (plural)
    Example:  #sundaysetlists Just posted my worship confessional – see here, etc
  3. FaceBook, Email, and Word of Mouth


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