Prayers at Dawn | Piano Instrumental Interlude [Episode 104, September 30, 2018]

Prayers at Dawn – Piano Interlude My morning prayers began well before dawn on this significant day.   This is the day that I close the book on eleven years of ministry at St. Simons Community Church.   Sunday, September 30th, 2018. Although my alarm was set for 6:30 AM, sleep eluded me and I found myself…

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Seasons Come, Seasons Go (And We Don’t Control the Weather)

Seasons Come, Seasons Go Dear Friends, As many of you have discovered over the past couple of days, I was released from my position as the Worship Pastor at St. Simons Community Church early Monday morning. As I have been saying this week, “Seasons come, seasons go, and we don’t control the weather”! Although I’m…

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My Latest Composition: Awakening

Hey Friends, Last week I shared a behind the scenes preview of the process I went through in creating the new piece, “Awakening”.  As promised, I’m happy to share the entire piece now. We performed this as the open to our Easter celebration services at SSCC.  It was a real pleasure to play the grand…

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