Share Your Testimonials

Asking for “testimonials” or feedback about my own music has always made me feel strange.  Ultimately, it’s my greatest desire that my music will be a blessing to those who hear it.  Although my motive is not to obtain the “praises of man” … let’s be honest – positive testimonials (and even constructive criticism) can be very inspiring and helpful!

Words of Affirmation” is actually one of my “love languages” so I’d be grateful to get some love in the form of a testimonial.   The positive affirmation inspires me to keep going and reassures me that my hard work is worth it.   

One of the ways you can leave positive feedback is to write a Customer Review on the album(s) that you enjoy in iTunes.   It’s very simple:

  1. On iTunes (Desktop version, not mobile) search the iTunes store for my music.
  2. Choose the album(s) that you enjoy and click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab.
  3. Click “Write a Review” and let me know what you think!

You can also submit your testimonials on our Contact Page.

Some Testimonials

Peaceful. Soul settling. Inspiring. Spirit filled. So very grateful to have this resource for my quiet times and my chaotic times.
Mara R
I really am enjoying these interludes, Fred. One can sense God’s presence and annointing
I have known Fred for over 20 years and his music continues to glorify our Father with excellence! Thank you Fred for sharing once again.
Tim G
Just want you to know that I've enjoyed your instrumental praise .....you are a gifted man Fred! Thanks for using your gifts to glorify Him and to bless others! Have a great day!
Kim M
A absolutely love every interlude and it helps me sleep at night.
from iTunes
Beautiful music. Keep it up. I can use it for work, sleep, meditation, exercise, fishing you name it.
Pedro Murphy
from YouTube Channel
I love how these compositions flow so peacefully. It's as though he sits quietly and plays whatever comes to him as instrumental praise to the Lord. Yet, each of his songs is unique, musically compelling, and skillfully executed. These are ideal for quiet meditation and time with God. Thank you, Fred, for sharing your gifts and passion for worship with us.
Dwayne Moore
Peace like a river - you will love this!
Elizabeth V
This music is just what I need to hear right now. I love all of the "space" in it---especially at the end of phrases where the tones hang in the air. I'm sure there's a more beautiful way to say that but I bet you know what I mean. It invites me to reflect and to listen, especially, to God. ...
Susan Phillips
I love winding down and quieting my life for a few minutes each time a new interlude comes out.
Russ Hutto
In Salt Lake City, Abravnel Hall headlines Mannheim Steamroller every year at Christmas. This is as good or better than what they do. This will be added to my list of "Christmas Must Haves". Thank you for creating something as majestic as the love of the Savior in my own life. He is my King and I am grateful for His sacrifice.
Rose Bell
Salt Lake City, Utah
In the 5 months that I've listened to these interludes ... just amazing They've been there when I've had a bad day, or just going to sleep. I'll keep my playlist on and have a good, deep sleep and it was all thanks to this music.
from iTunes
Peaceful & Prophetic - Few can flow so smoothly on the piano - these "played prayers" are peaceful & prophetic, conveying waves of relaxing, meditative piano music. Absolutely beautiful ... a worthy "subscribe"
Shannon L
Brunswick, GA
I don’t always take the time to slow down on a Monday, but for some reason, I opened your blog today, Fred. Listening to you play “Give Thanks” reminds me of my mom, who was miraculously healed when she went to be with the Lord in 2002. Until her very last breath, she gave thanks and often expressed it on the piano, much like you do. And today, I’m grateful that in His eternal wisdom, He gave me the opportunity to know her, love her and learn from her. And then He took her, giving me the environment to grieve, lean on my Savior and grow into the person He called me to be. Thanks for the sweet reminder of her today, Fred!
Carmen P