Worship Interludes Vol. 1 – Piano Interludes

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In early 2017 Fred McKinnon began to record some of the instrumental piano interludes that came from his times of personal reflection. This was the beginning of the Worship Interludes Podcast which is a weekly podcast that features solo piano compositions spontaneously composed and recorded by Fred McKinnon. The Worship Interludes Podcast quickly became popular for those searching for instrumental worship, meditation music, piano instrumentals, and relaxation music. As the number of listens and downloads has continued to increase worldwide, it was time to take some of the most popular, spontaneous “interludes” and create a new album. Each composition has it’s own theme and story. These interludes would be created after times of prayer and reflection and would often be a musical interpretation of a scripture, devotion, or various trials or celebrations in life. Most interludes are anywhere from five to ten minutes. They are ideal for listening to during times of prayer, meditation, relaxation, and reflection. Fred’s instrumental music has been available for more than 20 years with the original release of the “QuietTimes” Keyboard Instrumental and the “Quiet Times Volume 2” Keyboard/Sax Instrumental. “Be Glorified” was the next piano album that featured piano arrangements of popular praise and worship songs.